In the mood ...  

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3/2/2006 10:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

In the mood ...

Day off work today.

I'm in the mood for a cute someone, woman or man.

We're alone in a dark room ...

There's background noise, just life passing by as we escape it for a while.

No needs, no cares, nothing pressing except our bodies into each other.

Our noses touch, saying kiss, then backing off, teasing. I'm stroking your face with one hand, and your ass with the other. You're back against a wall, with both hands kneading my cock and balls.

I grab your ass harder, and you moan, tilting your head back just enough so I can bite your neck. Not hard enough to make it bleed, but your know I'm there, and I'm in charge.

My hands slide up your sides, around your shoulders, and down your front as I suddenly kiss lower. You softly moan. I keep going. Down, down, until my mouth is on you.

I slurp, lick, nip, play, and tease your sex until your moans get louder. You drive me harder, faster; my toungue and mouth get a life of their own, as you scream with esctasy. Your hands grab the back of my head, as I clutch your ass, and I drive you to a shivering orgasm, then another, and another.

In this heightened state, your orgasms come freely now, as you buck with a final, shuddering come.

As you recover, I stand up. You barely notice I've turned you around until your palms are flat against the wall and you feel my shaft pressing against you. You feel its length, sliding from your inner thigh to the top of your ass, then back down.

You bite your lower lip with pleasure as I take the cure and enter you. At first, your body hesistates, but quickly relaxes and grants me full access. After a few seconds, my cocki is wet and slick, and freely sliding in and out of you.

I moan, you grunt, and together we become one. Slamming together, parting, slamming, we fuck for what seems like days, until I stiffen, you clench, and I explode.

Impishly, you whip around and wrap your mouth over the head of my cock, catching the second half of my come. After you've fully drained me, you rise and we kiss passionately.

There's a drop come on your cheek. I lick it away, then we share it with a French kiss.

After a few minutes of rubbing each other's bodies, we part. Maybe we'll see each other again, and maybe we'll find another next time.

It doesn't matter, as we've already shared something special -- ourselves.

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