The Artistic Teddy Bear  

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8/24/2005 9:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Artistic Teddy Bear

Then there is the other spirit. Hard to pin down exactly, but I would have to say it is something like an artistic teddy bear.

The teddy bear part is rather obvious, apart from the hairy face and big tall body that is. This is the spirit that loves to touch and be touched, and to care and share and enjoy life and even being able to love, totally and completely.

Yet, there is a quiet, shy and artistic side to this bear too. This spirit can say virtually anything in writing, whether it be poetry or simply written odes, but has great difficulty speaking out loud to the ones he really wants to speak to, for this spirit is also very shy, unsure and quiet. This is where the artist often falls back on the bear to show his thoughts and words and feelings with his body.

It is this spirit that can get lost in the moment and beyond. This is the spirit that puts up with the daily 8 to 5 grind. The two jobs. Whatever it takes to get the job done is and always has been his motto and attitude.

This is the spirit that my family and the general public know as Johnl49erfan. It is probably this spirit more than the other that you will hear from if you care to look further and join me as we travel this path called life.

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