Day one  

othello1961 55M
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5/13/2006 2:22 pm

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3/1/2008 4:20 pm

Day one

Alright, I've been a sideline participant in the realm of blogging but feel today's as good as any to become an active contributor to this communnity. I've read some amazing posts, some less so but I'm not here to judge.

Where to start?

Within the last year I've moved, started an amazing new job that takes me all over North America. With all the newfound 'freedom' that travel brings, I've discovered there's so much more to life than I've let myself believe.

I'm married, have been faithful and have no interest in casual NSA sex. But there's nothing in life that makes you feel the way you do when struck by the electricity of fresh attraction.
Are there married women out there who feel the same way?

florallei 99F

5/27/2006 1:22 pm

Dear Othello,

Such profound words and one can only assume you are highly educated and or an intelligent person. Thank you for such empathetic feedback on my site. I now realize as I grow to become the authentic person I am meant to be that I no longer can deny what tradition dictates one should be. I know without passing judgement that some choose to live in that so called fish bowl and seem quite content. I on the other hand know that no one person can truly fulfill all our needs and I accept this fact. It does not mean however that I should put my yearnings and dreams or desires on the shelf.

How many couples today live in sodo-marriages or treat it as if it is a business arrangement? One would probably be surprised at the percentage. I did so for many years and denying my true self only to follow what culture or society dictates and only to loose one's self in the process.

I think of far worse sins than adultery or infidelity but for some reason in today's society it is judged far too harshly. I am not saying one should flaunt or hurt those we love. Can there be a happy medium? I hope so!

Growing up my parents came from opposite backgrounds, Papa's family were Spaniards where the men had mistresses. It was an open arrangements where the wives knew and it was accepted. We all loved one another and were hospitable to the mistresses children.

Mother's side was Irish/Asian mix and infidelity was condemned and a lot of jealousy was always thick in the air. Now my Uncles and grandfather had their mistresses but hidden from their wives. The contrast was overwhelming.

Papa's side was open/free and happily got along. Mother's was uptight and judgemental. As a child growing up in this atmosphere it was quite apparent which side was more appealing and more family oriented.

When we moved to Canada mother's attitude and culture won out and so when I married I endured years of unhappiness and emptiness.

As you have commented on, there is no one formula for everyone and one should never judge how other's behave mindful of not hurting the ones we love. Now it is more clearer to me, that the shadows I was afraid of when I was a young wife are not that scarey after all. I am more willing now to widen my world and see for myself and make my own conclusions.

I wish you a journey that will make you grow better as a person, to become more authentic and without loosing your integrity you fulfill your wishes and that the shadows become clearer and like me realize it is not something to be fearful of.


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