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8/9/2006 4:18 am

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I have lived in Japan for over 10 years now and see a lot of interesting things. I often complain about what I see.

It is a hobby.

One of the more recent things I have noticed about Japan are the fashions the women wear. For example, they are walking around with these dangerously pointy shoes. These are not boots. They are lady's shoes BUT with one difference...they have EXTREMELY pointed toes. It makes me wonder. First, why do they WANT their TOES to be so pointed? Are they giving directions to passing strangers, "You should go THIS way." And second, just where ARE their toes? Are they IN those shoes??? I cannot fathom ANYONE's foot being THAT straight! They look like the tip of a pencil.

I suppose they are useful in some way. Such as poking holes in notebook paper. Making Swiss cheese. Pushing those LITTLE buttons on those LITTLE phones they carry. Squashing BIG black evil bugs in corners. Or perhaps they are secretly spies not unlike that evil maid in From Russia With Love.

I am scaring myself. I will stop talking about them.

Another fashion trend that seems to be the uhm...trend... is to wear PANTS with a skirt. I apologize, but I fail to see the logic of wearing BOTH at the same time? Did they wake up and wonder, "Which should I wear, a skirt or jeans...? Hmmmwell..well...shucks... I'll wear BOTH!!!"

By the way, Japanese people don't say "shucks".

Another style I had never seen anywhere else before is the 'Ko Garu' look. This is where a lady wears as MANY cutsie items as she can fit onto her body and still walk upright. It includes plastic jewelry, frilly skirts that make them look like puffs of cotton candy, multi-colored hair, and little dolls that hang from just about every appendage. They wear SHOES three times too large for their feet and the make-up can blind you under the proper lighting conditions.

Come to think of it, I have seen this style in the states.

They are called circus clowns.

OH...and hats seem to be 'sutekki' ( one of the two Japanese words that mean 'cool' ) But, to be honest...wearing a hat IS pretty sutekki! So I cannot complain about that...yet.

I'll keep thinking about it.

hinoeuma 50F

8/13/2006 12:58 pm

Personally I can't stand the bizare mixing of colors that they do here. Like the old woman I saw with pink rubber boots, leopard skin pants purple t-shirt like thing with a blue plaid shirt over the top, covering that with an orange jacket... Have I missed something?

I also don't get all the frillies that go one, but I believe it is to make their busts and butts appear bigger than they are.

Just a thought...

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