Park story  

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11/21/2005 12:46 am

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Park story

A lil fantasy tale inspired by a fine lady on here. She said it was delightful which i thought was cool compliment.
Sorta classic old quicky with stranger thang

I like to take pictures with my digital camera all the time. At weekends go to the park nearby and just find interesting stuff to capture.
I'd done my usual walking about that Sunday, snapping trees, birds, the sky, normal stuff and now sat in front the of the park cafe sipping coffee. I was looking thru the days pictures when I looked up and saw a woman sitting directly opposite me. She was just staring into nowhere. She looked happy, clearly treasuring some pleasurable thought. I watched her for a bit, studying her, she was beautiful in a natural way, her brown skin and curvy figure made my mind turn to sex.
Bet shes a great fuck i thought.
Her eyes turned and met mine. I held my gaze deciding whats the worst that could happen.
The worst didn't happen. After a moment she smiled.
And then she looked down, her eyes indicating something below. I scanned down her body. Under the table she was wearing a knee length skirt with her hand resting on her thigh. Then to my surprise her hand quietly parted her skirt and her legs started opening. Slowly, with no indication on her face, she calmly revealed a smooth shaven pussy.
Her hand moved in and parted her fine brown lips to reveal a glistening pink interior.
A finger went in. Then another. Teasingly they moved in and out, up and down. Her face gave away nothing.
My groin ached, my jeans restricting my rock hard cock. I couldnt believe what i was seeing. I shifted my bulge for comfort, only to see her staring at MY groin. She nodded then got up and walked across to the toilets.
I followed her in and locked the door. I turned to see her bent over, her knickers and skirt on the floor.
She had the most perfect ass and juicy pussy.
"You like it? Then get your cock out" she sexily growled.
I pulled it out.
"Good, now what you going to do with it?"
I didn't answer, I just slid it deep into her pussy. It went in with ease, she was warm and wet. I grasped her bum, enjoying its firm round shape. I took it slow, teasing her, sometimes pulling my cock out, rubbing my tip on her clit then sliding it in again with great force. I got faster, she groaned, then faster, "Fuck yeah" she purred. I was pounding hard now.
"Oh yes, fuck yes thats it" she panted, her breathing fast.
Then she shuddered and graoned. Her pussy muscles tightened round my cock. I froze, stood there inside her, feeling every shake and twitch.
Then she went limp with a sigh.
"Very niiice. Need some help?" she laughed.
I slowly pulled out. Her come soaked my cock, dripping down my leg.
"Put me in your mouth, taste your come" i said.
She turned and knelt down, revealing wonderful large breasts. My balls tightened at the sight. She was clearly a well built lady. Everything just right. She moved in and licked along my shaft, then in one smooth movement took all my cock into her mouth and throat.
She went up and down, my cock no problem for her.
I lent down, felt her firm busom. She pulled my cock towards her breasts and placed it between them...but that was just too much. "I'm near" I barely managed.
"Come on them. My tits. I want your come on my big beautiful tits" She replied.
She lent back, her hand wanking my cock roughly.
I came hard...very hard.
Hot come shot out on to her breasts. Coating her large dark nipples, then again with more force, all over her shoulders. She didn't even flinch when the final load splattered her neck and cheeks. She just laughed.
"woah, thats a lot of come"
When i was done she knelt there glistening with my spunk. Her hand fingered the come on her breasts, she tasted it and smiled. Then stood up and kissed me.

"Not bad, not bad at all. Give me a call sometime" She whispered as she did up her shirt.
Then she was gone and I was left with a crumpled bit of paper and phone number...

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