A lil hotel fantasy for K  

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A lil hotel fantasy for K

K sat silently on the edge of the bed. Dressed only a pretty blue bra, knickers and stockings. She fiddled with the red blindfold. It settled into a satifactory position and she tightened it.
"I'm ready... I think."
A flicker of apprehension crossed her face.

We'd met at the hotel an hour earlier. K entered the foyer dressed in a long black winter coat, a comforting shield from the cold british winter. We exchanged nervous hellos and a quick kiss on the cheek. There was a natural tension, we were both entering new territory. We'd talked for hours on the net, shared intimate experiences and played around until comfortable with each other. Then a plan was made.
Today was the result. This wasn't theory anymore.
As we drank the mood became looser, physical attraction began to kick back in. Her voice, her body, her eyes fascinated me. A sexy, warm and funny woman magically replaced simple images and words. I could feel my stomach tighten and the aching grew in my groin. I wanted her. I suggested we go to the room.
She smiled "I've been waiting for you to ask"

The hotel room was clean and tidy. Not lavish but had the charm of cheap hotels. That ever so sleazy atmosphere of secret liasons and afternoon affairs. I told her to get dressed up while i showered.
She called for me to come in. I hesitated. The text had arrived. It simply said "what room?".
I answered and went into the bedroom.
"Was that your phone? is it time?" She asked.
"You must not say anything until I let you" I replied.
There was a knock at the door. I heard K take a deep breath. I opened it. TC calmly walked in. Her hand stroked across the bulge in my pants. She grinned, leant in and silently kissed me, her tongue pushing into my mouth.
TC dropped her coat to the floor. She was almost naked, her pale skin brilliant against the black agent provocateur underwear. Her hair pulled back and her make up vampy. She exuded a 50's glamour long missing from the modern age.
She walked over to K and began studying every inch of K's smooth tanned body. TC's eyes captured every minute detail. K's head twitched around, sensing TC nearby. TC leant forward and whispered into K's ear.
"I want you"
There was a sigh and a giggle. "I want you too"
"K, your a naughty girl. You talked" I laughed "You'll need to be punished"
"Yes. Punished. Now where shall I start?" TC said to no one in particular.
TC leant over and delicately undid K's bra. I longed to touch K's large bosoms but TC was the boss tonight.
She cupped the firm breasts as though weighing them. She looked up at me and smiled at my lustful gaze. With a wink she tweeked both of K's nipples.
K laughed "ooh! who was that?"
"Lie back" TC replied.
K laid back onto the bed. TC climbed ontop of K, her neat trimmed fanny rubbing against K's thighs. She began to suck on K's erect nipples.
I could not resist anymore and moved in. Slowly I began to pull down K's knickers. I eased them along her legs and over her feet.
Sliding my hands along her thighs I gently parted her legs to reveal K's pink hairless fanny.
TC lifted up her bum toward me. "Lick me and use your fingers in her" she ordered.
With eagerness I teased two fingers into K. I'd been waiting to feel her for so long. I moved them deep inside, up through her warm wet flesh toward her g spot. I began rythmically rubbing, trying to find that elusive area.
K gasped "mmmmm thats very nice"
I pushed my face into TC's lips, sucking on them eagerly, moving my tongue up and down, stopping to give attention to her large clit. I teased it, pushed my tongue hard against it. TC always liked it rough.
"Not bad. But i think a girl can do it better" announced TC.
She turned round and pushed her pussy into K's face. K lapped it up. I knew she had waited a long time to taste a woman and she was going to enjoy every moment of it. TC gave a little wiggle of her hips as K darted her tongue inside a woman for the first time.
"Hello there" purred TC.
I was aching now. "Its time you sucked my cock TC" I ordered. I didn't wait for an answer, I just opened my pants and slid my member into her open mouth. She sucked vigorously while her hands expertly rubbed K's pussy. TC had a talent, this came easy to her. One, two..even three people, she'd always find something to fondle, tweek, suck or fuck.
K leant her head back and started to moan loudly, her hips writhed. Her pussy now frothing white with juice.
"I want some cock in me. be inside me" K begged me.
TC laughed and guided my cock towards K's open fanny. I pushed in deep then slowly pulled it out. TC took it and sucked all K's juice off it, then pushed me back inside.
"C'mon. Fuck me harder. I'm so near!" K demanded.
TC moved out the way and plunged her fingers into her own pussy. She began vigourously finger fucking herself, her hand blurring at the speed she loved.
I began pounding away at K. She lent forward, grasped my shoulders, her hand gripped me with intense force.
"Oh god. This is so fucking good" She shouted.
Her legs tightened around me and i felt her whole body shudder as the waves of pleasure hit her. I could feel myself loosing control. To be surrounded by such delights was too damn much.
I pulled my cock out and instantly a thick jet of come exploded onto K's fanny and tummy. TC grabbed my cock and let the final spurt splash into her mouth.
"I couldn't miss out on that, could I?" She chuckled.
I sat back exhausted. Sweat covered me. My head spun.
"That was amazing" I puffed.
"Yes...just wonderful" K sighed.
TC laughed at us as she rummaged through her jacket on the floor.
"Lets leave the poor lad to rest. K I've got something to show you"

And with that, TC stood up and revealed a big pink strap on...

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