ever ellusive female  

orchid4two 44M/37F
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3/20/2006 4:58 pm
ever ellusive female

pardon the spelling mine is not that great but i do try...lol
anyway that ever ellusive female..single female to be exact..we have found her..and not from AdultFriendFinder..belive it or not.. she was right here in our 'back yard'..she found us..well the hubby first then came me..nothin happened until i came into the picture as she did not want him cheating on his wife..so he told her about us..the swingers that we are..hehe and the rest is history...or our story..omg im corny...hehe
so now there are plans under whay for her to join our little family..her and her daughter will be moving in with us..this summer we all plan to move to the city as i want to go back to school and cannot do that here..so Edmonton here we cum..hehe..we already have friends in the city and ones here that we will miss dearly..but thats what travel is for....so anyway..just wanted to let everyone know that the female..single female is out there..she will come along when you least expect it...it did for us..happy hunting hope you find her....

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