Things are looking up!  

orallust691000 66M
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9/6/2006 1:36 am
Things are looking up!

Had a really expensive day yesterday - major car service ( might only be two years old and under warranty, but aren't these guys good at finding the bits that are outside warranty replacement?) and then went and spent two hours being tested and buying new glasses (ouch!!)
Then the sun came out - had a long, long online chat to a special AdultFriendFinder member who, as i said the other day, I have been emailing and messaging online for about a year. Arranged for first meet and my blood pressure is now running higher than usual!
As always with these first meets, despite having been meeting people for many years I will be nervous right up to the moment the door opens - after that ...... happym; and hopefully happyf; too! This lady is very special!
Watch this space ....

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