Confessions Of An Oral Lover  

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8/1/2006 7:27 pm

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Confessions Of An Oral Lover

Last Friday night was I had great time with my girl that I would like to tell you about, I’m still feeling horney from what was a wonderful experience.

We both share a love of good red wine so our evening began with the clink of glasses and a toast to another working week completed. We watched a little TV and then got into some music I had downloaded for us during the week. With the wine warming our blood and the music lifting our spirits we began to play. With my Angel sitting in a chair I lent down to meet her and we kissed softly then more passionately our tongues playing with each other. Her hand rubbed against the bulge in my pants making me moan and I removed my pants for her. She began to rub my hard cock and play with my balls, cradling and tickling them sending waves of pleasure through me. I arched back pushing my penis towards her moaning as she rubbed and played with me. We kissed more, hungry for each other, our tongues sucking and licking each other. Angel got her play cream and rubbed it all over my cock and balls making them slick and wet, it felt like heaven, I felt light headed and pored more wine for us both. Gently I pulled off her top and removed her brae exposing her pretty tits; I bent down and kissed them tenderly, suckling on one nipple then another. Angel said that she would like to try sucking me and with that she pulled my penis towards her and began to lick and suck me. Her lips were soft and tender, she said I tasted good and rubbed my penis across her check and over her lips. Then she went back to rubbing me while I played with her tits. I was at boiling point and couldn’t contain my self much longer so I gripped my pennies and rubbed hard in front of her while she played with my balls tickling and teasing them. It felt so good and soon I could feel my cum on the way. She arched back and I blasted hot spurts over her shoulder at first then down her neck across her breast and her belly. We paused for a moment grinning and panting at each other before leaning in for another kiss. Then I went at got a cloth to clean myself off her.

We took a break sharing more wine and conversation, we stepped out to get another bottle and when we returned we removed our cloths, put the music on and began to play again. Angel said she wanted to lie on the bed so we moved to another room. I told her I wanted to lick her pussy and tugged at her pants, pulling them off. I kissed her breasts and down her belly. I nuzzled on the soft rise above her pussy letting her adjust to my presence there. After a few moments she was comfortable and I kissed and nuzzled her pussy and clit. I began to lick, fast little darting licks all over he clit. I pushed into her labia with my tongue licking deeply between them then darting back up top her clit. I licked down deep into he pussy circling around and around and fucking my tongue in and out of her which she loved. I began to alternate between fuck-licking her and fast licking her clit and soon she came on my face, mmmm I love it. Ohhhh she said, you’re a dirty boy. You make me want to touch my self. And with that she began to rub her clit right in my face. I used a gentle figure to tease and play with her lower labia while she played and moaned with her sweet swollen pink clit. After she had made her self come several times I climbed up onto her and eased my penis into her, I gently pumped allowing her pussy to adjust to me and then steadily began to increase. She rolled over and I entered her from behind which she loves, we rode here until exhaustion overtook us eventually collapsing in to each others arms awash with total bliss as sleep came and carried us off.

angelofmercy5 58F
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8/1/2006 8:38 pm

Sounds wonderful.....glad you two have each other!

oral_lover_man 45M

8/2/2006 8:11 pm

Thanks angelofmercy5, it was pretty wonderful.

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