on the road to a better body and other misc. ramblings  

oral_fixation81 35F
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6/4/2005 9:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

on the road to a better body and other misc. ramblings

in response to a response I received---if i could write in German or Chinese I totally would!!

so my fabulous roommate decides to not accompany me to the gym cause we were going to go to a cycling class..thanks a lot woman! I mean I could still go....I actually have 25 mins until the class starts. I'll probably go later on, it's still pretty early.

I didn't do too much last night, I went out to dinner with some friends and I was supposed to go to some bar with my other friends but didn't make it cause after eating dinner I crashed out at my friend's house and by the time I woke up the bar was closed...ehhh it seemed like a shabby place to go to....lol it's not like i'm a baller with the money i dunno it's not a place where I would usually go but my really good friends were there and I know how they party...wild animals..lol i tried to get my other friends to go with me to the bar so we could all hang out but they laughed---i guess i have shallow friends

Here's another thought, have you ever used the spell check on AdultFriendFinder...it's pretty funny cause it starts checking out other people's messages. Pretty weird.

I changed my profile picture again, do you like my ass? lol This picture's for you, Michael, get better soon.

rm_sexymachien 33M
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6/5/2005 9:34 am

thanks baby, I wanted to see if you were on. You weren't, take care.

plumberman619 39M
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6/5/2005 2:16 pm

spell check is messed up on mine too.

rm_the_whole_9 39M
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6/6/2005 11:52 am

Hey girly girl,
Thanx for posting on my blogs and I promise to write more once I have more to write about. My life is quite dull, so I have to latch on to others and write about what they are doing, like I am right now. Love the pic you posted, and love the pic you sent me even more. (I hope that statement doesn't start getting you improper responses) I'll talk to you later.

eggy58 59M

6/8/2005 1:16 am


Your arse looks like it is in really good shape. How do U do it....

busttheseballz 60M
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6/28/2005 8:25 am

very nice pic,you are hot,thankyou for sharing,i just started with this blog stuff,after finding yours i must say i will be back many more times.

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