first post ramblings!  

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11/12/2005 10:13 pm

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first post ramblings!

My blog will probably not be as eloquent as some I have seen, I am not a very articulate guy, I am very laid back and easy going most of the time, I tend to cuss and vent quite often (just ask my wife!!!)

I will try to keep this from offending anyone as that is not my intention but this is MY BLOG and I have a right to my opinions, as does everyone else, Just dont force your views on me.

A little about me that is not in my profile;
I was born and raised in Ohio, served my country In the US Navy for 5 years (kicking my self for getting out)while in the Navy I sailed the Mediterranean Sea visiting many different coountries and cultures, I fell in love with Italy and someday would love to return. I have been to the Holy lands, Egypt, Greece, France, Spain, Cuba, Jamaica,and the Bahamas. After I got out,I met my wife again, we knew each other in high school, but not as anything more than classmates, she was actually my girlfriends best friend!! we hooked up and ended up married!!! and WOW what a ride this has been....coming up on 15 years!!!

After the Navy I returned to my hometown and got a job building boats at Baja Boats in Bucyrus Ohio, that lasted all of a month then I got laid off, I went to EMT school, became an EMT and started working for a local Ambulance Company, I also got hired as a Part time Firefighter with the local Department at the same time. I stayed with the Fire Department for 11 years moving up to Full time dispatcher.

After 11 years I took one hell of a gamble and left the safety of the Department where I knew how things were done and went to work for a very small Department just getting started in the meantime I had obtained my Paramedic Card and was volunteering at this other Department. I should have listened to my gut instead of my heart as I was considered an "outsider" I was never fully accepted and was always considered the one to become the scapegoat, so when the chiefs daughters boyfriend needed a job...I got the shaft.

I was fired from the job I loved. How do you move on from there? I accepted a position as a Paramedic with another Ambulance Service to pay the bills and started looking at moving, my wife in the meantime through her job began applying for positions within her company in Florida, we had considered this a few years into our marriage and it remained in the back of our minds.

We took a vacation in July 2004 and came down to visit her cousins in Bradenton, when we returned to Ohio we learned that she had been offered a position In St.Pete, to start the end of August. we had 2 weeks to get ready for her to move while the kids and I stayed til Christmas break and packed the house, She arrived down here the week after Charlie, and was here for the following 3 hurricanes!!

In the meant time I had applied at Sunstar and had been offered a position pending getting certified by the state of Florida, I will save the details of that for another post. just suffice it to say that I'm not doing the job I love to do and am only working to pay the bills.

The kids and I loaded as much of our stuff as we could fit into a 26' Penske moving truck and with 2 feet of snow on the ground left family and friends in Ohio and headed south, we arrived in Ellenton Fla. on December 30 2004, My wife had found a house for us to rent in St. Pete and we were going to move in on January 1 2005, we got the kids signed up for school.

I started looking for work, I applied at just about every hospital in the area I figured since I was not a Fla certified medic at least I could still keep my skills up by working in a hospital. Little did I know it would take me 9 long months to find a job, The strain it put on my marriage almost led me to move back to Ohio the only problem with that was no jobs there either. But suffice it to say things are now looking up, Im working in the operating room of a hospital close to where we live (less than 5 min.) I work with a GREAT bunch of people and am proud to call most of them my friends!!!

MY GOD this is long...i never intended to ramble on so much!!!!!

rm_saintlianna 45F
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11/12/2005 10:42 pm

Well if you like to cuss and vent, this would be the right place to do it. The Holy Lands? I am so jealous.

lookin4girth 50F

11/17/2005 9:36 pm

Damn and you thought I talked a lot. Never knew you had this in ya.. LOL


btbones2 45M

12/2/2005 9:21 pm

oh boy, before you take that job at Deathstar, we need to talk. I've been there for over 6 years until I was also fired from the job that I love (and hate at the same time). Suffice to say, if you can get your FL firefighter cert, and when you get your FL medic, skip the Star completely.

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