Hot Bi Male Looking for Tops  

opntoit 64M
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12/19/2005 1:29 pm

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10/4/2008 6:51 am

Hot Bi Male Looking for Tops

I am a Horny 49 year old bi man looking for adventurous sex with men, women, couples, and groups. Uncut. I have HUGE BALLS! If you like big balls, you're in for a treat. Willing to cooperate, please, and satisfy. I give really good BJ's--juicy and with a light touch, some tongue flicks, or heavier action if you prefer.
I can massage your cock with swallowing action. Most of the time I can fully deep throat, take it ALL the way in.
I've had lots of compliments on my BJ's like "It's the best I've ever had."
"I can't believe how good you make it feel."

I use a MASSAGING and powerful SQUEEZING action with my ass that is stronger than a woman's pussy action. NOT ONLY DO I HAVE EXCELLENT CONTROL OF MY SPHINCTER, BUT ALSO HAVE TRAINED MY BOWEL MUSCLES TO GIVE A HOT MASSAGE TO YOUR HOT COCK!!!!! You need to experience it to really know what I'm talking about. I've learned and practise doing that with a rubber cock. I haven't been fucked often, but I have been told,
"Yes it is stonger than a woman's pussy."
"Wow I don't know how you do it, but don't stop."
"No one has ever made it feel that good. Can we get
together again tomorrow?"
"Oh, it's so incredible."
Of course, I enjoy it immensely too, especially if it lasts a long time. The harder, the better. The
bigger, the better. Ohhhhh.....

As you can tell I mostly a bottom. I am very openminded and try to satisfy my partners. I stay within their limits and I keep everything confidential. I guarantee it will feel better than 95%+ of other male partners you've had!!!
Let's do it!!!!

Adveturous4 60M/60F

12/5/2006 1:07 pm

We need a pic of you snd your lady to see if ther can be some kind of attraction for us. If we did connect you could do mu wife and I do your lady and then we could do each other and all together as well.

Maybe we can ad some others into the mix as well????

What do you think of this plan of action for all of us???

Alias: Dick & Susie

opntoit replies on 12/8/2006 10:24 am:
My lady (former fianceee) is very shy. You would have to unexpectedly meet her, flirt with her, and seduce her. She doesn't want to set up anything in advance. I'm not dating her, except that occasionally we get together and have sex.

mnjohnny55965 50M
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8/12/2007 10:32 am

would love to take you up on your oral skills uncut here, big balls as well, thick cock and shoot a good thick load. ive always said no one knows how to suck cock like another guy. lets hook up.


opntoit 64M

8/12/2007 10:15 pm

OK let's hook up. I'm not planning on driving to Preston any time soon. I imagine that you are in Rochester from time to time. How about meeting at one of the parks? I know one or two that have locking door bathrooms.
Best times for me are in the am. This week only Tuesday and Wed earlier am is best.

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