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8/6/2006 3:45 am

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liven single

Ok this is my first day on this page a homeboy of mine told me about this page. My blog will be about me getting my shit back on track after ending a six year marriage. I talk about the women I meet in this 2000 world of dating. I'll give up date by date fuck by fuck and blow by blow reviews! LOL ; ) yaaa!! I'll Robert's world yaaa!! Like a TV show yaaa! That the ticket but I'll be gone in March going to Iraq. But until then let’s start Robert world!!!

To day mark of the second week of ending a 6 yr. marriage and I have to say I woke up with my dick on hard I haven’t had any pussy in while. Ok if we are going to be in Robert's world I have to tell the truth! OK two week ago I fuck a chick I meet on my space to get even with my wife for cheating on me.
I meet her on my space. She like the way I put that I was married because her husband cheated on her 3 times before she end it. Any way we hit off right away and from chatting on the computer went to phone calls. Now at the time I’m living with my x she didn't care she was fuck some other dud. So one day I get a wild hair up my ass and drive out to Apple Valley to meet her and man when I saw her I was like wow! Short black chic with ass for days and tits. so we ate lunch talk I told her I had come down two eat her pussy for 2 min. to give her a sample of what she was to get if she came to Oceanside. She like that she said that made her pussy wet but she couldn't because she had to go back to work so I'm like cool I knew she was digging me and we made plans for her to come to Oceanside for the weekend. AS soon as we got in to the hotel she put that big ass in my face part of me was like no! But my Dick overruled and won! Man her pussy was tight but I start out working to get it loosen up I look down and saw that pussy act right juice come out and then she cam and had to stop! I didn't even get close to getting mine but she did say my dick was too big and it was hitting her back wall so she was sore. So we didn't finish
But u know what when we were doing it I felt bad I couldn't believe that I was with another woman besides my wife. So the next day I found an excuses to go home and she went away mad we don't talk any more. So Here I am a 3:29 in the am today makes 2 week we've been apart. I hope next week I can get this nut out u only look at so much porn before u want the real thing.
Until next week good by and wet dreams to all

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