My Daily Sexercise  

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4/27/2005 9:39 am

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My Daily Sexercise

It's important to excercise everyday especially if you into sex.

Man or Woman, you need to have a sexy body to attract new sex partners.
It's perfectly normal!

But I also include a sexercise routine in my daily workouts.

Sexercise is basically exercise that train specific muscles and skills related to sex.

My sexercise routine includes:

Kegel (a must for any woman or man)
A Jeff Stryker replica dildo which I use to sharpen my fellatio skills.
If you can deep throat Jeff Stryker, you can deep throat anybody!

But what about cunniligus practice?

I use my Jeff Stryker, you can practice cunniligus on a dildo also.
Instead of just sucking and using my mouth, I use my tongue, I rotate and flicker the gland (tip), I lick the shaft up and down & practice controlling my tongue movements.
Good cunniligus is about being able to use your tongue to "explore" & "play".

And this is also the secret to giving great head to man, most people believe that giving a blow job is just putting a guys dick in your mouth and going up and down but people forget that using your tongue skillfully is very important.

A penis is made of the same tissue as a woman's vagina.
Both need a skillful tongue that can vary it's movements and explore every inch!

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