We want more!!!  

openminded1991 47M/43F
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8/28/2005 4:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

We want more!!!

What do u have to do to get MORE around here

MiAmore62 49M

8/28/2005 5:53 pm

Just ask me.....

MiAmore62 49M

8/28/2005 5:55 pm

ya...just ask...ill gove yopu both more oral than you could want...or anything else...just invite me!!

AtomicKisss 58M

8/29/2005 12:35 am

Now that you have a blog, you are ready to go. Somewhere on this site (perhaps the home page), there is a place where you can find the blog sites from people in your area. Add these folks (the ones of interest to you) to your "watched blog" list and start corresponding. This will give you the exposure you want with the people you want!

Good luck

durhambottom 49M

9/1/2005 2:38 pm

so what is it you want MORE of? I mean I can guess, but if you post it here you're more likely to catch the attention of people who want to give it to you.

shyguy69362005 47M

10/12/2005 6:03 pm

Are you looking for some help

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