What Are You Really Doing in Bed?  

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What Are You Really Doing in Bed?

How often do you have sex? Every day
A few times a week
Once a week
A few times a month
About once a month
A few times a year

How often would you like to have sex? Every day
A few times a week
Once a week
A few times a month
About once a month
A few times a year

Who's usually more adventuresome in bed? You
Your partner

What do you think about during sex? Pleasing your partner
Pleasing yourself
Wondering when it will be over

If you chose "other," please elaborate:

Have you ever faked an orgasm? Yes, frequently
Yes, once or twice

When you're having sex do you ever fantasize about... (Check all that apply.) Your ex-boyfriend
Orlando Bloom or some other hot celeb
The guy you really wish you were sleeping with
The NY Knicks or another team
None of these

When you have sex with a guy do you: Always have an orgasm
Occasionally have an orgasm
Rarely have an orgasm
Never have an orgasm

What do you like least about sex? Being naked
The mess
Physical discomfort
The pressure to perform
Not having an orgasm
Fear of getting a slutty reputation
STD and pregnancy prevention
The morning after

Would you rather: Look as sexy as Angelina Jolie but be lousy in bed?
Be the absolute best lover anyone has ever had but look like yourself?

Would you rather have: A boyfriend who's off the charts in bed but nearly broke?
A boyfriend who's beyond dull in bed but loaded and successful?

Would you rather: Win a Nobel Prize
Have sex with your favorite celebrity guy whenever you want for an entire year?

For $1 million would you be willing to never have sex (either alone or with someone else) again? Yes

If no one would ever find out, would you try...(Check all that apply.) Sex with a woman
Group sex
Paying for sex
Paying for an erotic orgasmic massage
Going to a sex club

If you had one hour to do anything you wanted, would you: Sleep
Go out with the girls
Watch TV
Read a magazine or book
Go dancing
Have sex
Go shopping
Get a massage or beauty treatment
Go to the gym

Do you think your sex life is: Worse than most people you know
The same as most people you know
Better than most people you know

What one thing would improve your sex life? Getting a boyfriend
Getting a different boyfriend
Having more free time and energy
Having less job stress
Feeling sexier naked
Having your boyfriend learn better sex skills
Having your boyfriend be more interested in sex
Having your boyfriend be less interested in sex
Inviting a third partner

What's most overrated? A huge penis
A guy "lasting all night"
Simultaneous orgasm
Six-pack abs
Exotic positions
The G-spot

How many people have you had sex with in your lifetime? 0-5
31 or more

Have you ever had sex with more than one guy...(Check all that apply.) At the same time
Within the same night
Within 24 hours of each other
None of these

Who was the last guy you had sex with? Your partner
A guy you met that day
Someone you know but wouldn't get serious with

Have you ever had sex with...(Check all that apply.) Your high school teacher
Your college professor
Your cousin
Your boss
Your coworker
Your friend's boyfriend
Your boyfriend's friend
Your boyfriend's brother
Your boyfriend's dad
A married man who's not your husband
A woman
None of these

Have you ever had sex...(Check all that apply.) In a moving car
At your parents' house while they were there
In public
At a party
At the movies
On the beach
In an airplane
In a subway or train
At work during office hours
Other place than the above or the bed, the kitchen or the elevator

When it comes to number of sexual partners, you'd prefer him to have: More than you
Less than you
It doesn't matter

What do you think he notices most when you're having sex? Whether you're turned on
Your stomach
Your breasts
Your thighs
Your butt
Your bikini wax
Your smell
Nothing; he's just happy to be getting some

Do you want your guy to: Be quiet during sex
Murmur sweet nothings
Talk dirty
None of these

Has the Internet changed who you hook up with? Yes

Give us details:

Have you ever met a guy online and hooked up with him later for sex? Yes

If you met a guy over the Internet would you lie about it to your friends? Yes

Has the Web made you more open-minded or adventurous in bed? Yes

Online, you're most likely to lie about your: Age
Sexual experience
Marital/dating status
None of these

Have you ever had cybersex with a stranger? Yes

Do you consider cybersex (or phone sex) as "having had sex"? Yes

Are you more likely to buy sex toys, porn or erotica than you were before you could do it online? Yes

Would it upset you to catch your boyfriend looking at Internet porn? Yes

If not, would you join him to look at porn online? Yes

Do you consider flirting online cheating? Yes

Do you think your partner would consider online-only relationships cheating? Yes

Have you ever sent naked pictures to a guy's cell phone? Yes

Do you send or get sexy emails or IMs at work? Yes

Have you ever...(Check all that apply.) Secretly read your boyfriend's emails
Scanned his PDA for dates with other women
Looked at his caller-ID to see who's been calling
Scrolled through his cell phone log to see who he's been dialing
Checked up on your boyfriend when he's out with the guys
None of these

You are: Under age 20
20-25 years old
26-30 years old
31-35 years old
36 and older

You are: Single
In a relationship

If you are in a relationship, is it monogamous? Yes

Has either of you cheated? Yes, you
Yes, him
No, neither

What or who do you find sexy that you would never admit to your friends?

What's the longest amount of time you've gone without sex?

You are: Male

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