My erotic year in review  

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1/3/2006 3:00 pm

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My erotic year in review

OK folks here goes, a synopsis of my erotic adventures of 2005 with the lovely people I have met online. Being the positive person that I am, I will only report on the good ones. You will have to visit my other blog site (the neighborhood bar) to hear of my offline adventures.

2005 started of with a bang (literally) at a rave with my good friend and lover Rave. OK it wasn't really a rave (do they even exist anymore?), but I couldn't resist. It was a dark booming club with semi private rooms and we frantically fucked with her you-know-what not more than 10 minutes away. Rave and I have known each other for years and try get together once or twice a month. I could write a small novel on our exploits - or at least a separate blog.

I went to San Diego in March for two weeks for a workshop. I was excited to finally get to meet an online friend I had been chatting to for quite a while. We would have met earlier, as she was coming to Chicago for Blues Fest the summer before. Unfortunately I was traveling at the time and so missed her. And even more unfortunately we really didn't hit it off when we actually did meet this trip. It was strange - we seemed perfect for each other online, but there was no spark in the real world. We decided, however, to go to a swingers party in the hills together anyway. We arrived to find a beautiful house, with a giant pool and a large hot tub - all full of very unattractive people lol. We soon left and said our goodbyes - even tried to make out a bit, but I just wasn't feeling it.

I spent the rest of the trip playing on CL which is really big out there (there was not much AdultFriendFinder action) the highlight of which was meeting Sarah a lovely blonde with amazing breasts. She really wanted to get acquainted in the hot tub of my hotel, but she made the mistake of asking me if she should change into her swimsuit in my room or down at the pool. I, of course, said in my room and at the site of her luscious tits I could not resist seducing her and she did not resist my advances. By the time we came up for air, the hot tub was turned off and locked up. She still wanted to take a soak, so we drove around for an hour or so trying to find a hotel or apartment complex with a hot tub still working. It was very exciting sneaking around and making out and we finally found one in a country club on the beach. We fucked in the tub and on the beach and then again back in my room. We hung out for the next couple of nights until I had to leave. We still keep in touch by email and I hope to see her again on my next trip there (which should be soon).

Soon after, back in Chicago I met up with J&J, my favorite couple. They live in the burbs, but they keep a "love nest" in the loop. This place is incredible (he is a high end furniture importer) and they have the top floor including a deck that looks out onto the city. It's spectacular - as is Jas. We went out on the deck and caught up on our lives and travels (they travel a lot too) and then proceeded on to the fun. She loves to suck and fuck and he likes to take pictures and sometimes join in. This time Jas and I were so hot and horny that we were already very well into it by the time he got his camera ready, lol. They are very cool people and we get together a couple of times a year. They are not on AdultFriendFinder nor CL, I think we met in Yahoo chat back when it was viable.

In May came a rare late night AdultFriendFinder Messenger hookup with the lovely Nikki. We exchanged pics and chatted briefly and I was in her apartment within 1/2 hour. We had a couple of hours of fun and I left her my number afterwards but she never called me back, nor have I seen her online since. Oh well...

In June, I went to Vancouver for a week. It was the opposite of San Diego as far as sites go - Nothing on CL, but lots of play on AdultFriendFinder. I ALMOST had the sexual experience of my life with one of them (but I won't say who as I haven't heard from her since). We met in a chat room and very soon had arranged a meeting in a parking lot in a small burb in the woods above the city. We drove briefly to a park and went for a stroll. It was pretty dark and we could hardly see the path - she reminded me that there were bears in this park and asked me if I was scared lol. We ended up coming to a suspension bridge 100 ft over a roaring river (the Frazier I believe) and sat down on some benches near the entrance. We started making out pretty heavily and then she gave me a blow job and I went down on her. After she came a couple of times I was ready to fuck her - but she pulled me up and said "not yet" as she pulled me to the bridge. We walked half way across and then she stopped leaned over the edge looking into the river. For a second I thought she was going to jump, then I though she was going to push me over. The mixture of fear and sexual excitement was incredible, but all it took was a wiggle of her ass and I was up for what she wanted. Well what I thought she wanted anyway. With my hard cock in my hand ready to push it in to her sweet pussy - doggie style with her leaning over the edge of the bridge - she yelled stop and told me that she was I was going to kill her, but that she couldn't go through with it! She hurriedly told me her story - that she was engaged and that she had snuck out with her fiance sleeping in their bed to meet me. She started crying and saying what a horrible person she was. I tried to soothe her and assure her she wasn't an awful person as we got our clothes and I drove her back to the parking lot. I don't know exactly what her deal was, but hey it still was a lot of fun. Interestingly enough, I saw her in the same chat room the next night flirting with the guys lol. I also met the lovely Patricia in that same room who tried her best to make up for my "weirdo" (as she called it) Vancouver experience. Yes, you most certainly did my dear.

Soon after I went to London for 2 weeks (I was hardly ever in Chicago this summer). I was working really long hours and was not having any luck with any online sites - and the pubs were all closed by the time I was done working. After 10 days of this I was extremely horny and tired of hanging out with scientists, so I posted a benign "how about dinner with maybe more" ad on CL where I met the wonderful Jacqui. We did have a very nice dinner then went back to her place and fucked as hot hard and kinky as with any women I had met through a more explicitly sexual post. Go figure.

Speaking of kinky lol. During one of my brief "visits" home this summer I met the delicious Laura on CL. She loves to roleplay as a sub. We have almost exactly the same tastes in this area - hand instead of belt spanking, mild bondage, some dirty talk and discipline but nothing too degrading. We met for drinks and were soon in my car in an dark parking lot fucking our brains out. Just straight frantic sex this time - ok I did spank her sweet ass now and then. The roleplay would come later. Except she called me the next day admitting she had a boyfriend and was "conflicted" about seeing me again! LOL this was starting to sound all too familiar.

In July, I was off to Stockholm - no not to collect a Nobel prize (but I did get a chocolate one in the Nobel museum), but for a conference. No AdultFriendFinder play, but I met an incredibly sexy woman from one of the former soviet union republics on CL. Unfortunately I misinterpreted the wanting to be "spoiled" part of her ad. The way I spoil women is with romantic dinners and by taking my time in foreplay with lots of oral sex, etc. Her idea was cash, jewelry, and cars. Poor thing thought that professors made a lot of money in the states. To her credit though she did fuck me really good before she mentioned me buying her an airplane ticket lol. And even better, there was no real need for online hookups here - lets just say that Swedish girls are extremely friendly.

I met Laura (the sub with a boyfriend) for "just" drinks soon after I got home. We ended up going to a hotel and fucking for hours lol. But still no roleplay. She calls me the next day and says we shouldn't ever meet again alone, but wants to come to my annual end of summer party with her boyfriend. Women! lol.

A month later she calls and has broken up with her boyfriend. We happily plan a visit to our favorite hotel for a full out roleplay. Her favorite movie is the Secretary so we pretty much acted out the movie scenarios and much much more. WOW - we played for 3 hours without breaking character: I bent her over a table and spanked her as we reviewed typos in a paper, then I fucked her bent over the table. I tied her to the bed with some ties and teased/tortured her not letting her cum until I commanded it. Then I came all over her face and left her tied to the bed with cum dripping all over her while I left for a drink at the bar (her idea). Upon my return I untied her and took her to the shower and lovingly cleaned her up like the good pet she was. We made love in the shower tenderly and then I carried her to the bed and continued to pamper her until she revealed something else she needed to be punished for. My mood turned and she was quickly turned over and retied to the bed, being spanked and fucked roughly - eventually in the ass. It was definitely one of my most amazing sexual experiences. We finally broke characters and went to eat late night sushi then went back to the hotel for desert - just good old fashion fucking. She calls the next day and.... can't wait to see me again. She wants to explore more with me - more sub stuff, other women, couples, etc. Laura is turning into my dream playmate - but I'm off to London for 3 weeks.

While in London, I see Jacqui again and we were as hot and steamy as the first time - especially after hearing of my exploits with Laura lol.

Of course, Laura has found herself a new boyfriend while I'm away. She still wants to be friends but doesn't trust herself with me alone. Oh, and she wants to bring her boyfriend to my Halloween party LOL! I swear, you can't make that shit up.

Back to London in November. Jacqui stands me up for some reason. Later says something about not being able to get through to my mobile - while dozens of other people had no trouble. One of those people is the absolutely gorgeous Molly. WOW we had an amazing time. She is sweet and spicy all in one and has the cutest bum in the world. I can't wait to get back there.

Back in Chicago for the holidays with lots of work but I still find time for a little fun. I went to my first gangbang and after a particularly steamy session with Rave, she bets me into doing these blogs. Thanks Rave

(Raven )
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1/4/2006 2:35 pm

Oh my prof, your sure do go on and on (and on lol) for a reluctant blogger. And to think I though I was the only one ;-(

Actually your stories made me hot and wet. You better come do something about that soon. And maybe you should bring Laura with you

pussinboots4u 50M/47F

1/4/2006 9:21 pm

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nice.

Thanx Raven!

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