Some pointers and observations about profiles  

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2/2/2006 5:29 pm

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Some pointers and observations about profiles

"I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting"

-- is becoming the most over-used and trite line in profiles. Change is a good thing people. If your life is so good now, why are you here looking for a hook-up if not to *change* something?

I also have some observations about pics that men post and what it says to me. Note that this is my opinion, maybe I am wrong, but when I see certain things, they evoke specific responses in me. Agree or disagree, but here they are:

Categories of that mens pics fall into and what might it say about the man:

pic of him in a tux, obviously in a wedding party,
hopefully not his own. Did the blessed event trigger some
latent biological signal to mate? Is he looking for Mrs.
Right-now because family pressured him that day about when
the hell he was going to tie the knot? Or was it a
romantic moment that he wishes he could share with his
special someone

Dick pics, now there is more than one category here, or at
least I have to try to break it into several because
otherwise men look too unimaginative.

There is the flaccid penis as he is laid back and relaxed, usually sprawled out on a chair or couch. Then there is the ever popular death grip. Or the measure up pic where some reference item is next to his prick to show how thick or long it is. The endearing ones are the let it all hang out erect guys with slices and hooks aplenty. There are of course, those where
his cock peeks out from his pants zipper, obviously taken
surreptitiously and he has to be ready at a moments notice
to jump back into the bunker lest he be caught. There are
the guys who post drivers license pics or work id pics,
yawn. Lately, lots are taken while standing naked with
camera (or camera phone, gotta love tech) in front of the
bathroom mirror, this way they can check that they have
sucked in the gut and get a good angle on the dangling

Then there are those that post pics of themselves with others, with the other blocked out -- another woman (is she an ex, a sister, a mom, a friend? Does not matter, most women will assume its an ex and we look at what we can see of her to decide if we are your type as well). Pics with a kid, a blatant attempt to go for the cute factor, even with a rubbed out face. When its a pic of him with a group of friends, it might tell us
about more about you -- are you all drunk or doing
something crazy, or are you all just out enjoying some sun
and/or fun of some kind? Pics of guys with pets(and we are not talking the submissive human kind here0, another
cute factor attempt, this one may work better than most.

Pics of him in exotic places, beaches are popular, as are
tourist destinations. Good if he can show he is
well-traveled hopefully meaning he at least has some
interesting tales to tell. Guys in uniform, and not just
the military kind. Not being the type, personally, to go after a man in camouflage, I would recommend sticking to dress uniforms (think Richard Gere in An Officer & A Gentleman), but that might make you look too stuffy and rigid.
Firemen, well, you guys love posing in uniform, perhaps
trying to allude to your *big hose*. But there are also
mechanics, security (not cops), delivery men and medical
personnel. While scrubs can remind us of our favorite medical
shows, I sometimes wonder if you have seen too much naked
twat in the course of duty that you will find mine passe.

Pics of your naked ass -- well, being a Domme I know that
is a call for some serious strap-on attention. The muscle
guys posing all flexed is just cheesy for my tastes. There
are those that are teases, where your briefs (yes, they *are*
more sexy than boxers, at least for the sake of pics,
boxers make you look, well, boxy) are pulled down a bit or
are left bulging with the outline of the evenings appetizer
(or is that dessert?).

And of course, each cock variant can be further varied by
the grooming factor -- is he smooth, trimmed or hairy.
Guys, let me tell you, chicks really don't dig an out of
control bush on a guy. If you want us to put that thing in
our mouths, for crying out loud, get out the hedge trimmers
so a) we can find the damn thing, and b) so we don't have to do the hack a hairball routine after a couple bobs on your apple. Some take pics of just there chests, usually a nice one at that, but it often leaves me wondering one of two
things -- is his cock so small that he does not want to
show his small asset, or is this a distraction from his
face which does not fit the rest of the image? Yes, men
have the right to privacy too, but if one of your other bio
pics is not of another part of your body, I get suspicious.

Men who have motorcycles love to pose with them, and most
are over the age of 30, which screams midlife crisis to me

And guys, before you post the pic, look it over carefully. It's not just the object you were aiming at that will be judged, but also the things in the background, especially if it looks like it was taken at home. All that messy stuff around the room does not make me want to come and spend time at your place. If you take it at a hotel, try to make it not seem like a hotel -- take off the bedspread and turn down the covers, at least it will look
less cheesy or look like you make a habit of one night
stands (why else are you in a hotel with a camera, and how
often do you do this?)

Take a moment to check out the competition -- look at the
most popular members and videos. What do they have in
common? Employ some of their techniques. And yes, we
women are more cerebral in general, so for the love of GOD!
use the spell-check feature, it's free and will keep you
from looking like a lazy Neanderthal.

What about the nickname selection! Girls love guys who can
make them laugh, so try to be clever, there are a number of
possibilities, limited only by your creativity. Sometimes
I will check out a profile just because the nick caught my
eye, even if there is no pic or a lame pic, I will at least
check it out. {See my rant about using the Dominant
terminology in a nick.} And bragging, well, please, put up
or shut up, we can see for ourselves if you really are hung
like a horse if you post a pic (with your cock next to a

And who do you think you are fooling when you answer the
Marital Status question with Prefer Not to Say -- MARRIED
or ATTACHED, own up to it dude!

More rant to cum, err, come.

Lady DE

CJ52162 53M
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2/9/2006 12:05 am

And woman are any different ...endless seas of tits ..flabby ..perky...small..fake as a balloon....also lots of ass ..bare...thonged..saggy...fat...wrinkly my all time favorite ..long hair to cover your face ..very ingenius ..and of course the full twat shot ..because that will get him if nothin else will...who needs a hot face if she has a hot twat who in the hell do you think you are to judge a guy and his pictures ..all we see of you is a flat body and someone ashamed of there very meager tits ..and that neck shot it really turned me on to no end ...maybe woman like you should also research other womans adds to see just because you have more assets to show, that it doesn't make a better bio...
yours truly

oooDARKEYESooo 51F

2/14/2006 4:20 pm

apparently, you missed the point of My post. Men constantly bemoan the fact that they:

a) get no women emailing them unsolicited, and
b) get no one to reply to their Winks/Hotlistings/Emails

The simple facts are that the odds of straight men to straight women is heavily stacked against them. I tired of writing back the same damn explanation over and over as to why I am not interested or why they are not attracting women. You get out of life what you put into it, and if you put in little, well, you get little in return. And if you are one in a million like pictured or profiled guys, you really are crazy if you think you will stand out.

And by the way, I am hardly someone who, as you say, is "ashamed of there (its actually their) very meager tits" I am a 38DD and umm, seriously, I am very happy with them, as are the people I play with, so I think you should go back to wanking alone in the dark while looking at pics of women who would rather wash their hair then mess with a jerk like you.

Lady DE

luv2pleez1964 55M

5/4/2006 9:08 pm

Interesting to say the least.


rm_Truckerman07 52M

8/12/2006 12:01 pm

Darkeyes you make me laugh with your ramblings. You bring up some intresting ways women view mens pics. I dont think mine is to bad,but i know i messsssed up on other things. I should have some face pics in my private pics for women who join my network.

rm_Tekendo111 59M
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9/7/2006 6:31 am

Women are more cerebral than men? That's too funny! I've seen women's profiles ten words long with eight of them misspelled. I've seen other women's profiles two and three paragraphs long without a hint of punctuation or capitalization, impossible to understand. I've met women whose profiles included a laundry list of traits (physical and behavioral) that I didn't fit, but ended up in bed with them anyway.

And when you talk the line "I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting", it reminds me why I don't bother reading the "about me" part of women's profiles anymore. It seems that nine out of ten women on this site are incapable of writing anything about themselves without the use of prewritten, canned lines. So if women are more cerebral than men, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

4passionatelust 52M  
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2/1/2007 2:27 pm

Your profile is awesome. Your blog was very enlightening. I probably should have read that first before sending you a message. I am a bad little unworthy servant. If you ever feel the need to change this senseless little being of a man, my ass is yours for your pleasure, Mistress. I will do as I am told and give you a virgin bubble butt that wants to bring you pleasure. I will serve you and any need or desire that you demand. Please, Mistress, help me.

eroticman20072 43M

3/11/2007 11:14 am

You are a teacher and I am unworthy for your knowledge. All I can think to say is "Thank you, can I have another? Please"

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