Bored on a Saturday  

onyxofdarklite 41F
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5/20/2006 10:59 am

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6/9/2014 6:52 pm

Bored on a Saturday

Yep, just sitting here going through this website bored as hell, but what can I do? I think I'll go and watch some old Bela Lugosi flicks!

rm_sloman44 60M
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5/20/2006 11:54 am

Sorry to hear you are bored. I have a question. Could you describe what you would consider "playing the dominate role well"? Color me curious.

bigjohnny7in 51M

5/20/2006 6:37 pm

There is a party of AdultFriendFinder members at the 10-99 club on S. Virginia tonight, you are welcome to attend, should be more fun than old movies, no need to participate many folks just come to watch the fun

rm_Qariq 67M
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6/21/2006 11:17 am

My dear Onyx,

I read your blog comments about meeting people different from you and it brought to mind event that has stuck with me for several years. I hope you won't be bored while I share this experience.

I am a 57 year old, rather straight laced, typical man of my generation. At a video rental store where I shopped worked a very pierced and tatooed, goth chick. My first impression of this young woman was not a very good one. I share the prejudicies of my generation about young people as my parents shared their prejudicies.

This young woman (whose name I never knew) turned out to be one of the most charming and intelligent young person I had met in some time. Her cusstomer service skills at this shop were superior to most and she was a very friendly, charming young woman. We got know each other during her cigarette breaks and other periods of conversation. I just really liked her a lot.

At the time I worked as a card dealer at a local casino. She told me she often went to that casino after work to have a bite to eat and enjoy some time with her friends. While there she was always lookd upon with some suspicion because of her appearence. I was a bit ashamed to be associated with my own place of work because I knew her to be of such fine character.

I've related all of this because your comments about meeting people different from you struck a chord. I probably couldn't be any different from you than I was from my Goth friend, but somehow we managed to strike a bond. Perhaps you and I can find a place we share. I like a lot of what I've seen of "this younger generation" and I always like to be surprised by new qualities.


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