was a warm day in phoenix  

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7/21/2005 6:37 pm

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was a warm day in phoenix

As a trucker you have some days that al goes wrong, I never thought how wrong or....

Wednesday afternoon in phoenix and the truck started to make funny noises, rattling and hacking up, bad luck I wrote to my dispatch breakdowns happen.

I had to wait 4 days for parts they told me at the truck shop I was pissed 4 days no pay?

Had to sleep in the truck, and be there the whole day every day.

Thursdays was much of the same till in the evening a car came parking next to me, in it 2 girls from Texas ( Dallas area) a pretty blond and one with purple hair.

There car had a busted radiator and could not been installed till later on Friday.

They didn't want any thing to do with me, no hello or how are you doing just one look and that was it.

Around 10 o'clock I was laying in my bunk a/ac running (coolmate) and watching a sex movie on TV/DVD getting a hard on like I never had before
when I heard a knock on the door of the truck and giggling noises coming from outside the truck.
I opened the curtains and there was the purple one standing with a bottle of beer in her hands waving at me.

She asked of I liked to have one because it was so warm and they had only cold beer, al the rest was heat she said.

I invited her into the cab and not thinking about the TV still running in the background she stepped in and started leaching and said this was her most favorite porn star.

she jelled to her girlfriend to come and look and asks me of it was ok with me if her girlfriend comes in as well out of the heat in to the a/ac, go ahead I said inviting her as well who knows....

The blond comes in and has a couple of beers with her and start to sit in my chair (driverseat) and start rocking and hopping in the chair having the biggest fun there is.

I come to know the purple one is Jacky and the blond is Verona and coming from California where they have had a blast at some ones house with party's and a lot of drinking, they where skipping classes from a universities and didn't think that they where making the grades this year.

Verona was while talking looking at the TV (is just a 14 inch) so she was looking hard from where she was sitting but din' say anything about the movie.
Jacky was looking one's in a while but most of the time she was talking to me and Verona.
I sat in the passengers seat and had still a hard on pissing against my Spartans and trying to hide my dick as good as possible I must say because Jacky was looking as weal what was happening in my pants.

Verona jumped up and sat her self next to Jacky on my bunk and started to whispering to Jacky but being a little or much drunk, then they knew she was talking loud enough for me to hear what she was saying about my pants and what was in there.

The movie had on that moment a couple of girls wrestling in a ring and Verona said that that was her biggest dream to do that as weal with a girl where up on Jacky said that she was to much a wimp to do much with a other girl because she is the one who get beaten al the time.
where up on I said "who knows I think you can't Handel her " , in that moment Verona pushed Jacky on her back on the bunk and started to wrestling with her and did a good job with it to but like Jacky said she was just to much a wimp because she lost before she had the change to do anything to Jacky ,Jacky was stronger and let Verona feel it to, she had both hands in one hand and started to tickle Verona who started to scream that she had to pie when Jacky got any further with tickling ,Jacky did just that and not just on Verona's belly but to her tits and between her legs till Verona really had to pie and did just that, she pied on my bunk but had a face to look at, man I almost came it looked if she was coming the same time she was pissing on my bunk ,Jacky didn't stop tickling and grabbing but let her hand go farther and farther in Verona's crotch and was fingering Verona now completely and even put a hand in the pans of Verona and looked at me with a look from heaven as I stand up and sat myself closer to them on my now wet bunk Verona started to moan and putting her hands over the hands of Jacky pushing them deeper and deeper in to her pans Jacky let one hand go and started to feel around the top of Verona who was now fingering her self with a big smile on her face ,Jacky showed me Verona's tits and began to come closer to me and just bended over and started to kiss me I was feeling my way through a layer of clothes and started to become more in charge and more of a doer then a looker, Verona game to us with a smile and started to kiss me and Jacky at the same time al the while our hands started to undress each other Verona was the first to be naked and Jacky and me started to enjoy the tits and pussy of Verona who because of how she was laying, my dick was her first task my balls a couple of minutes later I came before I knew what was happening but with 2 sexy girls and that much attention my dick was up and running in minutes.
Verona was supervised by it because she called out to jack to help her getting me down, both of them started to suck and lick me but stigma is everything, I kept standing they had a blast Jacky was the first to get fucked bended over with a couple of fingers in her ass a dick in her pussy (shoo tight) that she was not surprised to get the same treatment in her ass while Verona licked her from below she game three times in less then 5 minutes before finally falling forward on the bunk and falling sound asleep over Verona who looked at me and started to come from under Jacky.
I helped her up and started to kiss her while she began to take my dick in her small hands and started to jerk me around. I stopped her from doing that because I knew a spot I was not been and there I wanted to come.
Verona understood me with out words she pushed me in the driver seat and mounted me like a cat that hasn't eaten in a long time, face to face and a rithem that thanks to the chair I could keep up because Verona was wild, real wild she came two more times before I let go and felt drained out of everything, I thought I had bought the farm but was mistaken Verona was not ready she bended over and started to lick my balls and ass with a vengeance that I thought that she was paye'd to do it like that, I felt my dick growing again and Verona started to turn her back to me and put me inside her again this time it was a much longer time before her orgasm but when she game it was a waterfall, I thought that that was it for the night oh no but that I will tell next time.

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