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11/8/2005 6:18 pm

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so yeah. i've ended it. she hasn't kissed me, told me she loved me, or even really spent anytime with me in the last two weeks. i called her on it last night. she said that she thinks she's changed her mind again, but she's not sure. so i told her that i'd make her decision really easy. I QUIT. i'm done it's over. i told you before when we started all this up again that this was the last chance, no more. i'm done after this if it doesn't work this time it's over for good this time.so i turned off the computer the cell phone and locked up the doors (including the lock she doesn't have a key for ) and went to sleep. got up this morning and went to work without calling her. she sent me messages on the comp and on the phone. i didn't erspond. so she got worried i guess and called me at like 7 tonight. i told her that i'm done. it's nice of her to be concerned. but it's not her place anymore. this is after she sent me a text at like 9 this morning saying that she'll back off and leave me alone if that's what i want. i felt like telling her yeah taht's what i want . i want yout o leave me alone and not talk to me anymore...but i can't be that mean to someone i love so much. i still love her. with all my heart. anyways...off to sleep.... bye y'all

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11/16/2005 11:35 am

It is truly hard to separate one's love for another from one's appreciation of the romantic relationship. I have had plenty of past loves that did not work out in the relationship. I still loved them deeply; they were a part of my mental life for years (even after discontinuing the relationship) yet I had to come to know that we were both better off for being romantically separate.

Loving someone isn't the same as being with them, and vice versa. There are plenty of nice people you can live with, have sex with, and still who do not infect you like someone you deeply love.

Keeping these things apart helps me deal with breakups and keeping in contact with the prior loves of my life. Even if we can't live with each other, that doesn't mean they still aren't important parts of me, that I still cherish.

My hardest lesson was learning that the failure of the romantic relationship need not have been either a fault of mine or of my partner's. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Forcing it endangers your true love relationship. Don't damage that. There are few things as unique in our lives as a deeply felt, consuming, lover.

Explaining your depth of love for a prior lover to your current lover and not offending them - ah - that is something I've yet to master.

What a pity there aren't enough years in our lives for us to learn it all....

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12/18/2005 11:22 am

Let me give u this one piece of advice and trust me this is coming from someone who was and is presently going through the same thing just with someone of the opposite sex....run. Run as fast as u can befor you find out something u dont want to know...I know how hard it is to move on trust me, but it takes time, perseverence and trust in your own self worth...you are worth more, you deserve more and u will get more if you let yourself be open to receive it...if she loved u none of the stuff you have mentioned would matter trust me on that...she is playing a game with you and not a nice one so change the rules and quit playing cause you need 2 to play...good luck and if you need a shoulder I am here just send me a message on blog...and why do I say that...cause there are way too many people being screwed with in this manner and we need to rely on each other to get us through it...

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11/23/2006 6:47 pm

Not on topic, but...
Happy Thanksgiving, onthefence. *smiling warmly*

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