How it started  

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7/24/2005 2:37 pm

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How it started

I was 13 when I first discovered my sexuality, and it was unfortunate that I feared I had something wrong with me because my parents never told me a thing until it was already too late. I've already decided that our son will not go through the same thing.

My wife was more hands on, in that her first sexual experience was in the school yard after school.

I was very naive, and 10 times hornier than the average guy (I thought). Looking very young for my age worked against me in those years. What an advantage it is now!

When we met at a bar, she was 18, and I was 24. She was wild and I was laid back and not so much ready to settle down, but never really took much interest in being excessively wild. I liked responsibility and security too.

Despite our differences, we struggled at first in our relationship and as we both matured, we learned that compromise is the key to success in a relationship.

We are very happy that we've worked through the hard times. Now married for over eight years and with a five year old son, the arguments still occur occasionally, but we always keep a perspective and we always come to an agreement.

Sexually, we are quite compatible. She's no prude, nor is she a selfish lover, like many women can be. She thinks the same of me.

We really do truly love each other. Some skeptics who've not been so lucky would argue no such thing exists. Sad for them. Great for us.

We will remain together our entire lives through the thick and thin. Even though we're looking for a sexual encounter with another woman, there is nothing that could split us apart, because really, sex is only a small part of a relationship, and almost anyone can give that! Love is much harder to come by.

tallone750 69M
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12/24/2005 8:25 pm

Sounds like you two have it together.I wish I were in your shoes.

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