The Chicken and The Gems  

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8/3/2005 1:54 am

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The Chicken and The Gems

A millionaire kept a hen named Sithong for pleasure. When Sithong grew up, she laid 5 eggs. The millionaire was so happy that he bought a necklace which was made of good-quality gems and put it on Sithong's neck. One day, the hen took her kids to search for food in the yard. When she was taking her children under a branch of tree, her necklace accidentally caught on the branch. Shithong tried to cast off, and pulled very strongly. Until the necklace was ripped from her neck and all the gems came off, scattering on the ground. She clawed at the gems, thinking, "These gems must be very valuable." "If someone found them and sold them, they would be worth a lot of money, for sure." The hen looked at the gems on the ground. "But for me, a handful of rice is much more valuable." So, Sithong called her children and walked away from the gems without any concerns.

The moral of this story: Something that is valuable for one person may have no value for another, who does not know the value of that thing.

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