ever notice?  

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11/1/2005 8:38 am

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ever notice?

ever notice that boredom leads to the internet life?
I live a full and busy life, I can hardly find time for myself but when I have free time (that's usually when I'm cooking or doing laundry) then I find myself here online.
First I check all my random e-mails and I mean all 'cause I have several different addresses each for a different interest.
Then that leads to this e-mail address and of course this one is for this site and "poof" here I am and hours have gone by and my time is up and I haven't seemed to gotten anywhere...

I guess I really don't get no where 'cause I don't have no wants, needs or desires. I have lived a full and good life and now I have took it apon myself to help others that need me. And boy do they keep coming...I am greatfull for all the help I've had and I feel like I am doing right by helping others now. So if I sound short or reply that I'm busy, I am.

Your parents raise you then you raise your kids and then before there all grown, your parents need you and poof --you are your parents parents!Boy it's hard but I know it will be rewarding oneday!
Well my last of my laundry is still in the dryer but I have to go over to the folks and feed them lunch and get there dinner ready so I can come back home and get my child fed--- But "it" will soon be gone like those older than "it" and the folks will have moved on to another life and then I can break out of this computer and have a real life again too!

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