The Taurus Woman  

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The Taurus Woman

Just the facts on Taurus
Motto: "I have"
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Ruling Planet: Venus
Animal: Bull
Jewel: Emerald
Numbers: Six and four
She embodies Venusian ideals.Sensual,affectionate,
and determined,she combines strenght of character with a deep appreciation of the pleasures of the moment.The Taurean motto "I have" indicates a personility that is finely tuned to the joys of ownership (things that are hers ARE HERS). Like the bull that symbolizes her sun sign, she is known for her stubborness.When it comes to emotions and feelings, she is as deep as fertile as the earth itself. She is a fixed sign, resistance is in her nature.Worlds can be disovered by A Taurus Woman and her Scorpio friends.Scorpio provide the thirst for meaning & adventure and Taurus can supply the stability and determination.

and I realized that I don't recall any Scorpios in my past.......neither will I limit myself to them!

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