Sliding the Skirt Up  

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8/18/2006 9:53 pm

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Sliding the Skirt Up

Posted 20 July 2006

Monday night I was wearing my new short denim skirt I'd bought and my husband caught me in the bathroom... He jerked off my shirt and bra and started licking and kissing my neck and lips. He was running his hands all over my body but wouldn't remove my skirt. I loved feeling his hands under my skirt. Finally I got on hands and knees on the bed and he started fucking me hard. I loved it. He was playing with my nipples and I was muffling my screams in the pillow as we still have family visiting. This went on and on. Him sliding in and out, making me feel his cock over and over, until finally he exploded inside me and I came clinching up against his pulsating cock. We collapsed together. MMMMMMMm...

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