Hall Pass  

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8/18/2006 9:01 pm
Hall Pass

Posted 15 March 2006

Yesterday a buddy of mine got a hall pass from his wife. Lucky for me eh? I hadn't seen him in a while and had kinda missed him. He said he'd kinda missed me too. He came over between meetings. I love it when they have flexible schedules. Wow, was I worked over! Talk about a nooner! He is one of those guys that just gets you where he wants you and lets you have it and man I love that. I just have to enjoy it. I enjoyed myself so much I thanked his wife for the hall pass. (It's always good to be polite.)

Last night the hubs went to hang out with a friend of ours. He said they had a good time. I'm hoping she'll help keep him busy while I'm out of town. And I'm hoping I manage to get some play while I'm out of town too. Nothing sucks worse than not getting any for a long period of time. Here's to hoping...

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