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8/18/2006 9:22 pm
Buys Busy Busy

Posted 24 May 2006

Wow, what a month! I've been in and out of state. Feel SO bad. People have been sending us messages and adding us and I haven't even responded. What a bad AFFer am I! I'm finally back for the summer (I think) and we're here now. What I hate the most about AdultFriendFinder is that we don't have a paid account and then people add us to their network and want us to contact them. Uh, kinda hard to do... Lol, guess they'll see we added them back and email us huh?

Went to my best friend's wedding last week. Was the MOH. Had a wonderful time there. The best man kept saying how it was tradition for the MOH and the Best Man to hook up. I winked, said I know, but I already had plans. See, a buddy from Chicago area had driven down to see me in the Smokies. Hehe, maybe next trip eh?

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