The Life of No Regrets  

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12/3/2005 12:44 pm

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The Life of No Regrets

I wrote this about 6-7 years ago and sort of forgot about it, I put a mark by things I have accomplished so far. The amazing thing is how many other things I've accomplished instead of these, it's fun to revisit it from time to time and see what I still might like to do.

Living a Life of Possibility with no Regrets
1. Travel to Europe
2. Learn Veterinary Medicine
3. Learn to Speak French Fluently
4. Fly to Paris, France for the day
5. Act in a Play on Broadway
6. Direct a Play
7. Buy a Snowmobile
8. Canoe the Boundary Waters Area
9. Go Fly-in Fishing in Canada for Walleye
10. Build a Log Cabin or Log Home
11. Take Survival Skills Training
12. Parachute Jump From an Airplane
13. Go Hiking at Least 15 Times a Year
14. Start and Run a Wood Furniture Refinish and Refurbish Business
15. Travel to Cuba
16. Travel to Holland
17. Travel to Russia
18. Travel to Japan
19. Travel to Ireland
20. Travel to Iceland
21. Travel to Alaska
22. Travel to Brazil
23. Travel to Peru
24. Learn Latin
25. Learn Asian Languages
26. Learn Hungarian
27. Plan and Execute a Charity event for at least 5000 People 
28. Complete and Attain my CMP Training Designation
29. Complete my CSEP Training
30. Golf with no Handicap (a par game) with a Pro
31. Categorize, Log and Detail my Hot Wheels Collection
32. Complete study in a new liberal art
33. Have an Audience with the Pope
34. Travel to Egypt
35. Create my own Chocolate Dessert
36. Write a Book about Special Event Planning
37. Camp the Boundary Waters Area
38. Travel to Hawaii 
39. Go Spelunking in at Least 10 Caves
40. Learn an Aria
41. Perform an Aria
42. Write a Song
43. Perform my Song
44. Perform in a Musical
45. Ride a Motorcycle Across America East to West
46. Go Sailing in the Gulf
47. Go Sailing in the Pacific
48. Travel (cruise) the Greek Isles
49. Meet the President of the United States and Shake His or Her Hand
50. Dig or Pan for Gold till I Find Some
51. Tear Down and Rebuild an Engine
52. Restore an Antique Car
53. Build a Bathroom Cabinet
54. Learn to Rope a Cow
55. Hunt for Deer 
56. Hunt for Elk
57. Go on a Safari
58. Clown for Kids 
59. Learn to Make Balloon Animals for Kids
60. MC a Game Show 
61. Bring Meals to Shut-ins
62. Get my Chauffeurs License
63. Assist at a Shelter for the Homeless
64. Play and Sing in a Band
65. Learn to Play Piano
66. Learn to Play Guitar
67. Learn to Play Tin Whistle (Irish)
68. Learn to Play Harmonica
69. Learn to Play Fiddle/Violin
70. Do an Ice Carving for a Competition
71. Do a Chain Saw Carving from an Old Tree Stump
72. Make my Mom’s Apple Dumpling Recipe with Her
73. Fly Fish for Trout
74. Learn to Fly Fish
75. Race a Cigarette Boat on the Ocean or Gulf
76. Retake Ground School (flying)
77. Take Flying Lessons
78. Fly a Plane Solo (take off and land)
79. Learn to Fly a Glider
80. Go Hang Gliding
81. Go Hot Air Ballooning 
82. Fly a Helicopter
83. Learn Watch Repair
84. Build a Birch Bark Canoe
85. Learn to Snowboard
86. Ski the Alps (Sweden and Norway)
87. Go on a Submarine Underwater for at Least a Day
88. Learn Tai Chi 
89. Go White Water Rafting
90. See All Seven Wonders of the World
91. Climb on a Glacier
92. Boat the Mississippi from Saint Paul to the Gulf
93. Spend a Summer on a Houseboat
94. Learn how to Make Wine
95. Learn how to Make Beer
96. Build an Award Winning Website
97. Build a Computer from Parts
98. Paint a Landscape
99. Paint a Portrait
100. Learn to Sketch (drawings and maps)
101. Teach a Class
102. Get a Degree
103. Play in a Dart Tournament

Good Luck with your Life of No Regrets

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