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4/29/2006 8:12 am

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just thinking

The sun is shining. The day is warm.
But in my mind there brews a storm.
Dark clouds have gathered,Lightning has struck,
thunder rolls,like one mighty truck.

When knowledge dawns, clarity forms.
And once again we are reborn,
against our will. Yet it has to be.
The task is now to rediscover me.

I cannot speak of what became so clear.
I cannot speak so you can hear.
It is my burden to carry alone,
til I find a hollow to give it home.

So much to say, no audience to listen.
so much to see with eyes that glisten
through tears...without weeping
all my thoughts for my own safekeeping.

Strangers all, coming and going
through my life without ever slowing
down enough to ......

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