Wallow in my pool of filth  

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9/12/2005 6:46 am

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Wallow in my pool of filth

This afternoon I was thinking of all the unvirtuous things I do and like the average Joe, I do have moral weaknesses. Here are a few vices I thought I'd share:

- I love beer! any kind it doesn't matter as long as its BEER! Especially the free ones!

- I smoke more than I should. Been smoking since I was 15...(Doing the math)...umm thats like ummm...plus...equals...ahhh, ya!...a long time now!

- I sometimes...err usually eat more than I should. Remember the old Shakeys Pizza all-u-can-eat lunch buffet?! Mmmmmm them battered tater slices w/ deep fried chicken, pizza, & spaghetti was awesome!

- I take too many tequilla shots. I ABHOR tequilla and find it repugnant! but, hey if its free?! wtf?!

- I want sex more often than my spouse. uhh what do you expect. I'm a guy ok?! Does this constitute a vice or a condition? lol...fuck it!

- Recently, I found that I really like reading other peoples Blogs. (Mental note #1: I gotta get out more often)

- I play way too much video games. hmmm PS3 is launching in early 2006. (Mental note #2: a) must make reservation at Gamestop. b) see Mental note #1)

- I'm addicted to the Sci-Fi, History, Discovery, & the Food Channel. (Rachael Ray is a "Hottie"! This is prementioned in our profile if ya look closely....Yet, without question worth repeating!)

- In public, I ALWAYS catch myself looking at other women...and so, does my spouse! hahaha! (Well, she does it too!)

- My all time, #1 Vice is my wife's vagina! lmao! I can never get enough of it! Although I've never actually done this. I know I could literally sit there for hours on end and stare at it! This ones for you Baby!....muuuahh!

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