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omesohony 48M/40F
8/3/2005 2:57 am
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Day 7: WOO-HOO its 12am Friday!

I haven't posted anything the past few days because there really wasn't anything out of the norm and didn't want to bore you all. ~ Nothing but continued chatting the past couple of days.

Tonight we meet our new friends as mentioned earlier. So, we just wanted to post the agenda for the evening ...we plan to meet at an undisclosed restaurant for our long awaited face-2-face meet; have dinner and perhaps go for drinks afterwards for more bonding. From there, who knows what happens?!

Update! 1am Friday...just received an incoming message via portable communicator. Confirmed our coordinates. ETA 19hrs to rendezvous point!

Day 9: Sunday. Whoo what a weekend! Friday evening we had a nice dinner, watched an awesome band perform (Man, I still have that Paul Simon song stuck in my head), did the kareoke thingy (She knew Steely Dan was one of my favorite artist and sang "Peg" for me...very impressive!), and we drank & played pool 'til 4 am with our new friends.

Side note: Did you know "Steely Dan" is named after a DILDO from the book-"Naked Lunch", written by William Burrough?! ...Cool tid-bit!

From here on, I'll leave you all in suspense! lol!....must maintain discretion! hahaha! All in all, it was a good time and enjoyed our evening.

Saturday was just another repeat of the previous evening. But, with other friends....Man I am wore out! ...til next time!

Scotty! ....2 to beam up!

neotrio 41M/38F
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8/20/2005 5:59 pm

I know you said you're going to leave us in suspense for the sake of being discreet, and that's cool~understandable, but that doesn't mean you have to discontinue the BLOG altogether. You seem to be a clever guy, full of thoughts and ideas. BLOG about other things. and then maybe...every once in a while...you can throw us little tidbits about how your experiences are going. heh heh. it's just fun to hear about the things that us newbies go through sometimes. thanks for the kind words about my BLOG. Keep reading and keep BLOGging yourself!

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