Second to none  

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12/18/2005 2:53 pm

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Second to none

As I sit here watching the skins lay the boys …with my toes and hands still a little frost bit from washing the car and playing with the dog….and now I’m a lot buzzed off the good Hennessey all I can think is…”I’m second to none”. Not just cause my Mom says so. And she hasn’t but I know she’s proud of her first born son, but because I am me.
Hell, the complaints from the last few “women” in my life has been, “I am too intense and need to enjoy life.” Fuc what you heard, I enjoy life… I just have a realistic view of who I am and the improvements needed to become the me that I envision I need to be. A lot has been sacrificed in order for me to be afforded the opportunity to succeed. And until I can give my Mom whatever she wants ..I will not rest.

My ex from undergrad told me a couple of months ago to relax and enjoy my life…my little car, my house, my job and my girl. I’ll admit it had me thinking. And all I could think is my life is wonderful when and where it counts…I enjoy my life, I respect my life. Like now I am looking forward to taking my pops and brother to the Ravens vs, Vikings Christmas game. I know it aint the Skins game like my pops wanted but hell it’s a Christmas game and we will be right behind the Ravens bench. Bigger than that …I know my mom will be happy that I did something with my pop.

Hell, just cause I plan my fun doesn’t mean I don’t have fun. In 2005 I’ve been to Vegas twice, seen all the Godchildren in 3 states, been in 2 best friends weddings and even went to visit a girl I was seeing’s family for a week. Basically I got nothing to prove, High stress, Higher Reward. All the fun I do have comes at the price, and that price comes in the form of working some weekends and nights and being on call more often than not.

The everyday challenges I face now with 60 hour weeks and always be on call is a price I am willing to pay now. Fuc I’m 28, and I guarantee you I wont be working this hard in 5 years….and I will not feel guilty when I’m working ½ as hard for 4 times the reward.

Now I will stop rambling make another drink and take a nap…Peace to the gods and the earths.

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