Time in Iraq is getting shorter and shorter....  

olo75h 34M  
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8/2/2005 9:00 am

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10/14/2014 7:10 pm

Time in Iraq is getting shorter and shorter....

As the weather gets hotter, the days get shorter and I get darker...LOL. I'm past that 6 month point and it feels good. Came home and met some wonderful people from here which was great. For those that flaked...its cool you just opened up a chance for somebody else.

Nowadays I'm just glad to wake up. On my way back to my base my convoy got hit by a roadside bomb. Been on a few convoys but this was the first one that I've been on that's gotten hit by one of these. I'll tell you one thing its no fun at all. I can take being shot at but when you get hit with one of those its like somebody sneaking up behind you and giving you a boot in the ass then diving in a bush. Being shot at is no biggie cause you can shoot back...when you get hit with one of those there's not much you can do but collect the casualites (if any) and keep rolling. Eh...enough about war...

Let's see...oh...I picked up a girlfriend on my trip home. She's a friend(ex-friend w/benefits) of mine I've known for a few years. Here's the kicker and proof that my love life needs to be made into a book or movie or something....lol. Now my new girlfriend has revealed to me that SHE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. When she told me that I already knew who it was. Her and her "best friend" have been together for about a year now but they've kept it a secret from everybody except their boyfriends. My new girl is a DL bisexual!

vengeur 41M
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8/2/2005 9:55 am

Those roadside bombs just go to show that your enemies are cowards, and that you and your cohorts are all heroes just for being there to do what's right.

Best wishes to you for your safe return home.

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8/5/2005 7:05 am



8/8/2005 1:45 am

You are so sexy if I were your woman you would never need or want for anything playa--plus I don't care who you fuck. I love you! I am your A number 1 FAN! You are so handsome brave and wonderful!

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