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8/31/2005 9:06 pm

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On a Sunday in a small town, in a quaint little church the pastor was just getting ready to finish his sermon with the final prayer, when all of a sudden POOF smoke appears and there stands Satan. Everyone is screaming and yelling, and running around like crazy trying to get out of the church, and Satan stands there laughing, watching the trouble he has caused when all of a sudden he sees a old man just sitting there watching him, Satan asks him "DON`T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"
The man reply's "yes sir I do". Satan look at him and says "DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT I CAN SPIT ON YOU AND YOU WILL DIE?" the man reply's "yes sir I do" "THEN WHY AREN`T YOU AFRAID OF ME AND RUNNING AWAY LIKE THE OTHERS?" Satan asks .To which the old man says........................"I`ve been married to your sister for 38 years, I figure you can`t be much worse than her!"

LadyFantasy68 49F
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9/1/2005 1:23 am

Love it. Very funny.

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9/2/2005 12:32 am

Yeah, great, more please

okyme 52F

9/3/2005 12:30 am

lady Thanks so much {=}
Lolo69 more is on the way{=}

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9/5/2005 10:59 pm

You sure make my day, hun.Keep em coming

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