Fanasity Story...Part 1  

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8/29/2005 12:06 pm

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Fanasity Story...Part 1

ok everyone, I did have a few write to me asking for the storys. Now remember these are just storys I got in my crazy head so I wrote them down as something to do (great stress realiver haha)There are 3 parts to the story, we`ll see how the response goes befor I put in the others, hope everyone enjoys...Please leave a responce if you`d like

Just imagine me coming off the plane and when you see me, we get into the car and we kiss hoping to calm down our excitement, it doesn’t work. Our kissing gets deeper and your hand makes its way up my shirt, you can feel my nipples harden when you touch them. I moan with the desire I have for you, my hand wanders down your pants to feel you growing. Our kiss get more excited, you move to my neck lightly biting it which sends me to shudder as your hand moves between my legs, your surprised to find out I am naked underneath, you slip your fingers inside me, I scream and cumm all over your fingers, unzipping your pants I take you in to my mouth feeling you swell so hard licking the tip of you tasting you licking down to your balls playing with them one by one sucking teasing then sucking, moving my mouth to take you inside bobbing my head real slow, up, down and up and down squeezing your balls then going faster and faster as I feel your balls tighten I life my head up smiling I then move to sit on you and take you inside of me, but then the car alarm next to us goes off

So you start the car and we drive, my hand rubbing you to keep the feeling alive. Feeling ornery as I am some times do I move my skirt up and start to masturbate knowing you have to wait. My sent fills the air and your dick is so hard you hurt and want to explode right there. We pull into the hotel and you grab my arm dragging and running into the room that you so kindly already got the key for and as you open the door, I see a table. You throw me against it bending me over as you slam into me from the back, sliding in easily because I am so wet. Grabbing my hair you pump me hard and fast as you feel me tighten with an orgasm and then you stop, making me beg for you to continue, I begin pushing my butt against you trying to finish the orgasm. You lean over and bite me gentely pulling my hair and push all the way in deep setting me off, then as I scream your name you pump me hard feeling me cumm all over your dick you slam one more time groaning and filling me up deep with your thick hot cumm. You lean over me both of us spent, we look at each other and laugh .We crawl to the bed and hold each other just talking and laughing about nothing. Then after we get the suitcases I say I want to take a shower before we go do anything and you tell me your going to get some tequila……… but you LIED.........
You enter the shower with me instead
As I feel the water running down my naked body I sigh with contentment, then I feel your hot breath on my neck as you start kissing it. I put my head back enjoying the feeling and feeling the tingling sensation beginning in my spot. Your hands come around to massage my nipples making them pucker with hardness, I push my butt back into you feeling you hard against it sliding against my wet cheeks. Rubbing against them, I feel your hand drop down playing with me, rubbing my swollen clit, making me moan you slide your fingers in making me spread my legs to give you more access, you can feel me pulsating around your fingers, biting my neck you send me into a organism, while still Cumming you slip inside of me bending me forward you slowly fuck me pulling me back to get inside of me deeper and deeper, then slowly taking it out, holding my hips so I can’t move against you you tease me putting it in again feeling me wrapped tightly around your dick, you do this to me for a long time until I’m almost in tears begging you for release. Then you slam it into me once just giving me a taste of what’s to come, I turn around in a frenzy taking you into my mouth sucking you hard and fast needing you tying to make so hard you hurt, taking you almost all the way in you slow me down holding my head I try to increase the pace but you wont let me, I move my fingers down playing with myself hoping for release sucking you hard still, you can feel I’m going to come by the intensity of the blow job I’m giving you ,you lift me up stopping me from coming I get mad from so much pain of wanting release , turning me around and pushing me down forward you put the tip into me holding it there stopping me from pushing back. Then you slam into me hard, making me cum from that one push. You fuck me harder and harder giving me one orgasm after another, right when I think I won’t be able to stand up any longer I feel you grow even more harder inside of me, knowing your going to come I reach under you grabbing your balls and massage them sending you into a massive cumm. We stand there with water running down us, breathing hard, and thinking it can’t get better then this……………………………………..

rm_Spike4051 48M
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8/30/2005 1:51 am


anthonyca96 56M
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8/30/2005 5:14 am

Great fantasy story. I love the way your mind works, hot, sultry creative thoughts of sex. As I was reading I wanted to be the guy in the story. I can't wait for Parts 2 and 3. Anyone who has fantasies like these I need to meet.

tucsonheat 69M

8/30/2005 4:34 pm

Wow, enjoyed. You may be relaxed now but I'm not! Can't wait for next park.

okyme 52F

8/30/2005 5:19 pm

Spike{=} Anthony{=} Thanks so much for your comments {=}{=}okyme

dalfan8 52M

8/31/2005 7:48 pm

AAAHHH That makes me think of a past fling. That was the best. I love getting off the plane at Sky Harbor.

okyme 52F

9/3/2005 12:29 am

tucson {=} next parts cumming soon and Dalfan{=}lol Wanna share the story with

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