Body and Soul (part 7)  

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7/18/2006 8:54 am
Body and Soul (part 7)

Simon worked his way through the paperwork on his desk. He was still seething over the trick Alison had pulled on him. Only Linda had seen him in the outfit which he had explained away as some drunken prank. He had no doubts that virtually everyone would have heard about it by the end of the day. Why the hell did Alison go and do something like this to him? Hadn't he put a roof over her head and paid for all her expensive outfits?

Linda opened the office door, "Simon. There's a woman here to see you." She said curtly. Simon was still wondering about Linda's tone of voice when the visitor walked into the room. It was all Simon could do to keep an idiot grin off his face. She was perfect, early twenties with a spiky blonde haircut. Inside her low cut white top were two large creamy breasts which must have been DD size at least. Her navel was bare and her tight black skirt finished almost before it started. Every part of her body was flawless, on her stunningly beautiful face was a sultry half-smile.

Simon was in lust. He could feel his penis stirring in his track- suit, he had taken the panties off and his erection would have been immediately obvious if he wasn't behind a desk. "Can I help you, miss?"

"Oh, don't say you've forgotten. I was at the club last night. You told me to come round today and show you a good time."

Simon ran through the hazy recollections of the previous night. He racked his mind but could not remember her, then again he couldn't remember how he had got home either. "Hi, I'm sorry I was a bit out of it last night... uhh."

"Samantha. You made quite a few boasts last night. Lets see if you can live up to them." She walked slowly round the desk. Simon watched her hips roll seductively in the tight black skirt. Suddenly she pulled his chair from under the desk so revealing his unrestrained erection. "Mmmmm," she exclaimed with a smile. "Maybe you can." She dropped to her knees. She isn't! Thought Simon half in shock, half in hope. It didn't occur to him to question why she was doing this. His brain was overruled by his balls.

His hand fumbled across the desk to the intercom switch, "Uh Linda, I'm not to be disturbed, okay?"

"Fine." Came the frosty reply.

Samantha pulled down his tracksuit and his cock sprang free. She regarded his hard member for a moment with a strange look on her face and then slowly kissed its head. Simon leaned back and gasped, the day had started badly but things were looking distinctly up. He looked down at the beautiful, very well endowed woman slowly running her hot mouth over his cock. Her tongue caressing the sensitive head as she did so. She was, surprisingly, not that experienced at a blow job. He had had far more expert mouths bringing him off. But what she lacked in experience she more than made up for in enthusiasm. He could feel himself building to a climax already.

Outside Linda was coldly furious. Simon had always said she was the only one for him. She knew she shouldn't have trusted a man who was cheating on his wife. But to have a whore come into work was beyond belief. She could here him moaning in obvious pleasure, the bastard!

A movement caught her eye and she looked up to see who was coming up the stairs. It was Alison! Back from her shopping trip earlier than usual. "Is Simon in?" Alison asked. She wasn't in a good mood herself.

Anyone else and Linda might have stalled them as her boss had told her. Oh to hell with the job, she thought. "Yeah, he's in."

"Thanks." said Alison and opened the office door and walked briskly in.

Simon looked up to see his wife standing in the doorway. FUCKING HELL! He made a half hearted attempt to hide what was going on. But he could tell from the set of Alison's face that she had worked it out.

Dan rolled his eyes, "I can't leave you alone for a minute can I?" He turned and glowered at Samantha. "I don't know who you are, just get out of here now." she said coldly.

Samantha smirked and wiped her mouth as she stood up. She strode to the door at her own pace. Simon watched, silent and white-faced. What could he say?

Samantha walked right past Dan who was glaring at Simon. As she did so she turned and whispered to him. "I'll go this time, Dan. But in future I will call the shots." And then she was gone.

Dan stared at her open mouthed as the woman walked down the stairs. How on Earth did she know his real name?

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