Body and Soul (part 5)  

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7/18/2006 5:43 am
Body and Soul (part 5)

Carefully, Simon climbed out of his car and slammed the door shut. The ground was still spinning but the night air had cleared his head slightly. The light above the front door acted like a homing beacon and he stumbled towards it. The door proved problematic, as it involved inserting the key into the lock and remaining upright at the same time.

He rummaged in his pocket until he found his front door key and promptly dropped it on the floor. He bent down to look for it, banging his head soundly on the door as he did so. After scrabbling around for a couple of minutes on his hands and knees he managed to locate it. Getting back up seemed to much of an effort and he decided to rest a bit before launching another assault on the door. Within seconds he was sound asleep.

Dan awoke at the thump of Simon's head hitting the door. Through bleary eyes he looked at the clock. Half past two in the morning, he's back at last. Probably blasted out of his tiny mind. He got up from the couch where he had fallen asleep some hours earlier and checked himself in the mirror. He had spent over an hour in the shower trying to scrub the feeling of Joe from his body. He hadn't really succeeded and whenever he thought of what had happened he could still feel Joe's hands cupping his breasts and playing with his nipples. He could not come to terms with what he had done. Less than one day in Alison's body and he had turned into an uncontrollable whore. After the shower he had taken the dress he had worn that day and thrown it away. The less things hanging around to remind him the better. He had gone for a simple white blouse and light blue pants. It felt good to be back in pants, even ones as obviously feminine as these.

Simon had still to open the front door and Dan decided to go see what was keeping him. As he opened the door Simon slumped back into the hall snoring loudly. Dan bent down and put his hands in Simon's armpits so he could drag him back into the house. He strained and pulled but failed to get Simon to budge. Dan just succeeded in shoving his breasts in the sleeping man's face when he fell over on top of him. I'm as weak as a baby, he thought. He clambered to his feet and kicked Simon in his side. When this failed to get any reaction Dan flew into a rage. It was fine for Simon, he wasn't stuck as a weak, powerless woman.

An idea sprang into Dan's mind and he ran up the stairs to the bedroom. He returned several minutes later and started to unbuckle Simon's belt. He yanked down Simon's jeans and then his boxer shorts. He took care not to look at Simon's genitals, he didn't want to lurch into slut mode again. Dan picked up the stuff he had brought downstairs and set to work. It was difficult, especially on an unconscious body but after about quarter of an hour he was ready. Using Alison's memory he found a camera and used up about half a roll of film.

Getting the jeans back on Simon proved to be very difficult, fortunately he was so drunk that Dan had no fear of waking him up. Finally the jeans were in back in place and done up. Dan stepped back, his face flushed with all the exertion. He had often gone on drinking bouts when he was a man and he knew Simon probably wouldn't wake up till the morning. Dan managed to dragged him indoors a bit at a time until he could shut the front door and left Simon snoring in the hall. Finally Dan wearily made his way up to bed. At least he wasn't going to have to share it with Simon tonight.

Maria had left a fresh nightie out for him and Dan put it on without complaint. He avoided looking at himself in the mirror and climbed into bed. It was impossible for him to get back to sleep, his mind kept going over what he had done with the builder that day. He was in a new body that he wasn't used to but there was still no reason why he should suddenly turn into a nymphomaniac. His mind drifted back further trying to remember when he had lost control. He had been talking to someone after Simon threw him out of the bar. The strange looking Englishman, yes that was it. Dan had been talking to him and the next thing he could remember was standing alone in the street getting very turned on. What had he said? 'Forget your husband'. No that wasn't it.

He had said forget SIMON. Dan sat up fully awake, how had the man known who Alison's husband was? Dan certainly hadn't told him. And after the man had told Dan to have fun he had vanished. He wasn't an angel, that much was certain. But if he wasn't an angel that meant he came from the other place. Dan wondered if he had been the Devil himself or just one of his minions.

He lay back on the bed. In many ways it was a huge weight of his mind. He wasn't responsible for... the thing he had done with Joe. The idea had been planted in his head. Dan had no doubts that the devil, or whatever he was, would try again when he refused to back down. He had no intention of giving up on Simon now. He didn't particularly like Simon and definitely couldn't love him. But after what had been done to him that afternoon it was personal and Dan would help Simon if only to spite the strange man.

The only question was how.

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