Body and Soul (part 4)  

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Body and Soul (part 4)

The folds of the long dress brushed against Dan's stocking clad legs as he made his way down the stairs. He walked slowly feeling dozens of odd sensations from all over his new body. His breasts jostled with every step he took and the strangeness between his soft thighs disturbed him. He was acutely aware of the loss of his male equipment and even more aware that he now possessed a pussy. His long hair made an unaccustomed weight on the back of his head and he could feel it brushing against his back.

His new clothes were almost as strange to him as his body. He could feel the straps of his bra pulling at his shoulder. Dan was a woman now and would remain so for the rest of this body's life.

Dan could hear Maria cleaning one of the front rooms and left her to it. He spent the next few minutes wandering from room to room trying to relax. However much he racked his brains he couldn't think of a way to help Simon without playing the loving wife. Even thinking about it made his stomach turn. How could he spend the rest of his life as someone's wife?

The trick would be to be able to leave him without hurting him and then move in with a woman. Even that idea didn't fill him with joy, he wanted to be a man not a lesbian, but it was better than nothing.

Alison's memory wasn't able to supply an address for the fitness center Simon had his office in. But a search managed to turn up a flyer advertising them. Now all he had to do was work out where this house was and he could go visit Simon at work. Dan knew that only by talking to Simon and seeing what made him tick would he be able to work out how to help him.

On the hall table were a few letters, mostly junk mail. And a map of the city. He spread the map out on the dining room table and using the address on the letters managed to plan a route from the house to Simon's office.

Maria was loading the dishwasher as he entered the kitchen. He was self-conscious at being seen in his new state by anyone. A part of him still thought people would see a burly man in a dress rather than the petite woman he now was. "I'm going out, Maria."

"Will you be back in time for lunch, ma'am?"

"Probably not, I'll get something when I get back."

Dan walked to the front door and was about to go out when he got the strong feeling he had forgotten something. His wallet of course. He headed back upstairs to the bedroom to look for it. There was no wallet there, just his handbag. Another feminine symbol everyone would expect him to use from now on. It looked quite expensive and he opened it up and emptied the contents on the bed. Among the various pieces of make-up there was a purse, some car keys and a couple of sanitary towels. Dan stared at them in some shock. He had totally forgotten that he was going to have periods every month from now on. This just got worse and worse. He packed everything back into his handbag and headed out to the garage.

He opened the garage door and winced when he saw the car. For a start it was pink. It was the sort of car that Dan considered to be little better than a toy. He was used to driving to the limit in powerful machines. Which, he had to admit, was probably partly responsible for him smashing into a street lamp. But this joke of a proper car probably wouldn't make it up a hill. But it was either that or walk so he climbed into it and dug his keys out of his handbag.

He turned the ignition and instead of starting an electronic voice intoned, "please fasten your safety belt." Dan sat there fuming. Why did he need the seat belt? It was not like he could go fast enough to need one. He pulled the belt around him and clicked it into place. It pressed between his breasts making him uncomfortably aware of them again.

He started the car and slowly reversed out of the drive. Driving was a little difficult at first. His two-inch heels giving him some problems with the pedals. But he soon got used to the car and made his way into the city center managing to get lost several times.

Dan was engrossed in trying to work out where he was on the map when he heard a knock at the drivers window. He jumped and turned to see a policeman looking in. Oh hell, he thought and wound the window down.

"Are you okay, miss?" The policeman asked. He was in his thirties with fairly well defined muscles.

"I'm fine," Dan said quickly. He noticed that the man's gaze had slid down to his well endowed bosom.

The policeman's eyes ran up Dan's body to meet his gaze, "It's just you look a little lost and I was wondering if I could assist you in any way."

Yeah, I bet you do, thought Dan acidly. He knew exactly what sort of things were going through the cop's head. Dan had been a man only the previous day and he knew the sort of thoughts he'd have had with the beauty he now was. On the other hand he was lost and the policeman could save quite some time and effort. Dan told him where he wanted to go and the cop leant further in through the window to point out the route on the map.

Dan was very conscious of this man just inches away from him. He could smell the man's aftershave and was pretty sure the cop could smell the perfume he had put on. The cop was very courteous but every time he turned to look at Dan his eyes would flick up and down Dan's body. Dan wasn't sure the cop was even aware he was doing it.

Finally the cop wished him a good day and sauntered back to his patrol car. His partner exchanged some joke as he climbed back in. Probably about having scored, thought Dan. Using the directions he was soon able to find his way to the right part of the urban center.

He left the car in an car park under a mall and headed off in the general direction of Simon's main fitness center. He felt very self- conscious as he walked and it felt like everyone was looking at him. It didn't help that a lot of people WERE looking at him. Dan noticed the surreptitious glances he was getting from most of the men as they mentally undressed him. Did every woman have to put up with this? Surely not, he had never noticed that sort of thing when he was a man. The worst ones were the men who made no effort to hide their desire, indeed they even advertised it. It was blatantly obvious to Dan what was going through their minds.

He did his best to ignore it and soon the fitness center came into view. Dan was glad to finally get inside, his dress was fairly long but he still felt horribly exposed. Perhaps he should have put on some pants instead. Well it can't be helped now, he thought.

The receptionist looked up as he walked over to her. "Can I help you, Madam?" She asked brightly.

"Yes. I'm here to see my... husband, Simon Mitchell." Dan stumbled over the words. He still found it hard to describe someone as his husband.

A look of realisation struck the blonde receptionist's face. "Oh, I'm sorry Mrs Mitchell. I didn't recognise you. Simon will probably be in his office. If you just go through the gym area you'll see a door marked staff only. Go through that and up the stairs and you're there."

Dan thanked her and made his way into the center. it was quite a high class operation, probably with steep membership costs. No wonder the Mitchell's were so well off. He followed the signs to the gym area and found a large room packed with exercise equipment. Despite it being just before noon the room had quite a few people of both genders working out.

He kept as far away from them as possible as he made his way around the equipment. But before he could make it to the door he had to pass a heavily muscled man lifting weights. Dan thought he must work out a lot. The weight lifter saw Dan watching him and winked. Dan looked quickly away, feeling his face grow hot. He thought he might be able to deal with having a female body if only he didn't have all these men coming on to him all the time. He gratefully slipped through the door and quickly made his way up the stairs.

He still had no idea what he was going to say to Simon when he reached him. At the top of the stairs was the administration part of the center and locating Simon's office proved to be no problem. Outside was a secretary, a young woman probably not out of her teens. She was well stacked and her tight outfit showed off her cleavage very well. Dan's eyes lingered on her generous breasts.

She gave a little jump when she saw Dan walking towards her. "Oh... hello Mrs Mitchell, we weren't expecting you." I bet you didn't, thought Dan. I wonder if she is sleeping with Simon? Dan realised he would have to see her as a potential rival not as a possible lay.

"Is Simon in?" He asked her.

Her eyes darted this way and that, "ummm... he's out." Obviously doing something he shouldn't or she wouldn't be so nervous. Time to turn the screws.

Dan leaned on her desk and said, "Out? Where?" As menacingly as possible in his high lilting voice.

He watched the secretary weigh up her options. If she didn't tell her boss's wife where he was she could end up fired. And if she told her where Simon was he might sack her. In the end she decided to give in to the more immediate threat. "He's probably in The Corn Store."

The Corn Store? An image of a small bar not far from the fitness center popped into his mind. "It's open at this time of day?"

"Well... no. He said there was a game on there today." She answered nervously.

Terrific, he was off gambling. "Right," he said and made his way back down the stairs. As Dan made his way back outside he was frantically trying to work out what to do. He was still trying to piece together a plan as he arrived outside the bar.

It was shut and looked deserted but Dan knew better. He pounded on the door until he heard someone moving about inside. The door opened to reveal a tall portly man, in his forties and going bald. "Yeah?"

"I'm looking for Simon Mitchell." Dan responded trying not to be intimidated. This guy seemed huge to him.

"What do ya want him for?" He asked, his eyes lingering on Dan's breasts.

"I'm his wife." Dan answered in a cold fury. Why is this guy talking to my tits? I do have a head up here.

"His wife? He ain't here." He said unconvincingly.

Dan knew he wouldn't be let in to the club. He got an idea, it wouldn't have worked if he was still a man. He shoved the door open and barged past the guy. If he had tried it as a man he would probably have got his head caved in. "Hey wait!" The guy called as Dan rushed into the bar. It was empty except for one table on the far wall where five people were involved in a poker game.

One of them groaned and looked up at the ceiling. "Why now, God? I just hit a winning streak."

Okay, thought Dan. Time for the furious wife act. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, Simon!"

Simon's jaw dropped. Alison obviously never used that sort of language. He quickly moved over to Dan and said quietly, "Its just a little card game. Nothing to get worried about, my love."

Dan glanced at the table, it was obvious they were not playing for small change. "Then you won't mind leaving it. We need to talk."

"I can't leave just yet, we can talk later when I get home."

"Damn your game, this is serious, Simon!"

"Later, Alison." He said with a flicker of anger behind his eyes. Dan was suddenly aware again of how small and weak his new body seemed and backed down. Simon led him back to the door. "Look I'll be home by seven, we can discuss it then."

Then, Dan was back out in the street and the bar door was closing behind him. The nerve of the guy, no wonder he was on a one way ticket to hell. As he was making his way back to his car he realised that barging in on Simon's poker game was perhaps not the best thing to do. He needed to get on Simon's side and come to some mutually agreed decision. Something that didn't involve sleeping with him. Dan still got the shivers from the idea of a man possessing and entering him. There must be an answer, he just couldn't think of one yet.

Dan was so deep in thought he almost ran straight into someone. "Sorry, I didn't see you." He seemed to have appeared almost out of nowhere.

"My fault entirely, Miss." Said the man in a highly cultured English accent. He was a tall elegant man wearing a suit that probably cost thousands. He carried a strange silver cane and wore dark glasses despite the overcast sky. He looked a little closer at Dan. "Are you alright? You look slightly distressed."

"I'm fine," Dan blurted out. "Just had an argument with my husband." Why did I tell him that, he asked himself.

"You should not let him annoy you so. If he treats you so badly you should find a man who is more worthy." Despite the dark glasses Dan could almost feel the man's eyes on him. Unlike virtually every male he had seen since becoming a woman the man's gaze did not drift over Dan's feminine curves. It remained locked on Dan's face.

"No, no. He's not that bad." But Dan could feel his will sapping. Why should he waste his time on someone he had never loved and who seemed determined to drink himself to death?

"You deserve better. A man who will pamper and look after you. A man who will satisfy your desires." The rest of the world seemed to fade away leaving only Dan and the strange man. The man's words penetrated deep into Dan's mind. He was a woman now, he should enjoy himself. He was beautiful and could have anyone he wanted. His body reacted to his thoughts and he felt his pussy become heavy with arousal. His nipples pushed into the soft cups of his bra as they became erect.

"That's it. Forget Simon, enjoy yourself. Submerge yourself in your new self. You are a woman, aroused and sensual. Go and indulge yourself."

Dan blinked and looked around at the virtually empty street. What was he doing here? A half memory of talking to someone drifted through his mind but vanished like a dream before he could grab onto it. He felt an erotic wetness from his aroused pussy. Fuck Simon, what did he owe him? Nothing! He was a woman now, he might as well explore what that meant.

He made his way back to his car. Trying to walk as sexily as possible, swinging his hips as he went. Every swish of his skirt, every slight movement of his breasts in their silken confinement just made him more turned on. He started sizing up men as they walked past. None of them had exactly what he was looking for, but Dan luxuriated in the lustful glances he got.

As he was nearly back to his car he saw a man who fitted all of Dan's criteria to break his female cherry. He was a builder of some kind and was just putting his tools into the back of his van. Dan went to his own pink car and opened up the hood. He quickly fiddled with the engine and then closed the hood without the builder seeing. Dan then got in the car and turned the ignition. The car whined a few times but totally refused to start.

After trying a few times, the builder climbed out of his van to see what the trouble was. As Dan had hoped his eyes lit up when he saw a beautiful woman with car trouble. He walked over to Dan, "Can I help you, love?"

Dan gave him a nervous smile. "I don't know, this worked fine this morning."

"Let me have a look, I know a little about cars." He opened the hood and looked at the engine. After a minute, he said. "Try now, I think you had a loose connection."

Dan turned the key and the engine roared into life. After revving it a few times. Dan turned it off and climbed out of the car. He walked round to the builder trying to make his walk as sexy as possible. "Thank you," he said in a husky voice. "I don't know what I would have done without you. How can I ever repay you?"

The builder hesitated. He knew Dan was coming on strong to him. But he knew better then to take that on face value. "That's okay. Glad I could help." He made to move back to his van.

Dan put his hand on the builders arm. "That wouldn't be right. There must be something I could do for you. What's your name? I'm Alison."

"My name's Joe." said the builder. Dan could see Joe was weighing up whether to take him up on his obvious offer, but he was still wary.

Dan took one of Joe's wide hands in his dainty ones and pressed it against his heaving breast. "Fuck me," he whispered into Joe's ear.

"Where will we go." He asked his fears overridden by his desire for Dan.

"I can't wait. Whats wrong with the back of your van?" Answered Dan, his voice heavy with lust.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Joe replied with a wide smile. Joe opened up the back of the van and they climbed in. There wasn't enough room to stand upright but there was enough room for them lying down. Joe pulled out some blankets and laid them on the floor after closing the doors.

Dan watched Joe pull off his T-shirt feeling more aroused than at any point before in his life. At the back of his mind was a nagging disquiet over what he was about to do but he ignored it. Quickly he pulled his dress over his head and knelt by Joe dressed only in his virgin white lingerie. Joe, not believing his luck, ran his hand over Dan's creamy skin. Dan shivered at the touch, he wanted to feel Joe in him so much. But he wanted this first time as a woman to last forever.

Joe reached behind Dan's head and undid the grip holding his long black hair back. Dan shook his head shaking the hair free, even the feel of his hair on his back turned him on beyond belief. Joe reached up and ran his hand through Dan's silky hair. Then he drew Dan's head closer to his and they were kissing. Dan submitted to Joe's strong embrace opening his lips for Joe's probing tongue.

Finally they broke and Dan breathed in the heady male scent coming from Joe's body. Joe looked down at the woman who had so unexpectedly offered herself to him. Her eyes were bright with lust and her breathing was quick and gasping.

Joe reached behind Dan and undid his bra. Dan felt his breasts swing free exposed to Joe in all their glory. Gently, Joe cupped one in his strong hand rubbing the hard nipple as he did so. Dan reached forward and frantically undid Joe's belt. Joe stood up and pulled his jeans down and threw them into the corner of the van. Dan's eyes were glued to the large bulge in Joe's boxer shorts.

Joe reached down, gripped the side of Dan's panties and ripped them open. He pulled the remains off Dan and sent one hand between his silky thighs. Dan closed his eyes and moaned at the first touch of Joe's fingers. He leaned his head back and abandoned himself to Joe's expert caresses. Joe gently laid Dan down on the blankets, continuing to stroke his pussy as he did so. Dan found himself spreading his legs to give Joe easier access to this strange ultra-sensitive new part of his body. He felt Joe's fingers leave his wet cunt and then he heard a rustling sound.

The next thing he was aware of was Joe manoeuvring his wide muscled body on top of Dan's. He was heavy, but Dan found the sensation very erotic. One of Joe's hands started massaging Dan's breasts, it felt so good. Every part of his body was almost excruciatingly sensitive, so unlike his old body where everything was centered around his cock. Thinking about his cock Dan finally realised what the hot length was pressing against his soft thigh. Joe had pulled his boxer shorts off before climbing on Dan.

He opened his eyes and stared up at Joe's flushed face. He pulled Joe's head down and kissed him with passion. Then, he reached down and touched Joe's hard cock. It felt so different from when he used to hold his own. Joe lifted himself up to give Dan easier access. Dan rubbed it back and forth rolling the foreskin over the bulbous head and back again. He heard Joe's breathing grow quick and ragged and stopped. He didn't want him to climax without feeling that gorgeous cock in his hungry pussy.

Dan raised his knees and guided Joe's cock to the entrance of his pussy. Joe took over and slowly eased his hot length deeply into Dan's slippery vagina. Dan heard high squeaks of pleasure coming from his throat. Joe's cock felt a mile long and filled the aching need in Dan. Then he felt Joe start to withdraw from him and was about to protest when he felt Joe thrust back into him. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed Joe pounded into Dan's lithe body.

Each time Joe thrust into him Dan gave a little gasp that grew into sharp yelps of pleasure. The whole van was shaking and anyone passing would have been in little doubt what was going on inside. By now Dan had his long legs wrapped around Joe's waist and was pulling him deep inside with every thrust. He was overcome by the sensations assaulting his senses. He could feel a thick male body between his thighs. The feeling of penetration and submission driving him beyond all control. The blankets rucked up underneath Dan as their passion reached even greater heights. His super-sensitive clitoris being stimulated beyond all belief. His nipples rubbing against Joe's hairy chest.

All these feelings welled up in Dan until they suddenly exploded and he orgasmed. His shrill shriek of pure joy reverberated around the inside of the van. He hung onto Joe for dear life and squeezed Joe's cock with his vagina. This pushed Joe over the brink as well and with one final thrust pumped his thick wad into Dan.

They lay locked together for some minutes, and Dan could feel Joe's cock slowly shrink and pull out of him. He could not believe how intense their lovemaking had been. It was far better than anything he had ever done as a man. Even now he was still enjoying the aftershocks of his orgasm.

The windows of the van had steamed up and both of them were covered in sweat. Joe finally got up and wiped himself down with one of the cleaner blankets and then started to get dressed. Dan cleaned himself up with another blanket. He was going to need another shower when he got back to the Mitchell's place, he literally reeked of sex.

His stockings were ruined so he unclipped them and threw them into the corner with the panties. He decided not to bother with the bra and just put the dress back on. Just as he was clipping his hair back into place Joe smiled and said. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met. You're fantastic!"

Dan preened in the compliments. "You're not too bad yourself, lover. That was best fuck I ever had."

"Can I see you again?"

"Sure, what's your phone number?"

Joe scribbled his name and number on a piece of paper and gave it to Dan. Dan thanked him with a broad smile and climbed out of the van. He walked over to his car feeling slightly worried. Something was building in him, something unpleasant. He pushed it from his mind and drove back home. All the way his sense of unease grew. What was up? He had just had the best time of his life, what could be wrong.

Back home Maria had already finished for the day and Dan was alone for the hour or so before Simon was due back. He meandered up to the bathroom humming a little tune. Perhaps I should go braless from now on, he thought. I love the way they bounce and jostle in my dress. Much better than when they are confined in a bra.

In the bathroom he stripped off and was about to climb into the shower when he caught sight of himself in the mirror. The feeling of disquiet grew and then the dam burst and his memories flooded back. The man in the street who had told him to forget Simon and fuck another man.

And he had! He had let a man touch him. Worse, he had seduced a complete stranger and been fucked by him! How could it have happened. Was his body running away with him? He collapsed on the floor crying uncontrollably. He wanted nothing more than get away from his new body, but he was stuck. He could feel his breasts shaking as he sobbed, he could still feel Joe's cock thrusting between his thighs.

It was several minutes before Dan could bring himself under control. He dried his eyes on a towel and sat down morosely on the floor. More and more he felt out of his depth. If he went out again would he turn into a slut again? Would he ever be able to control his new body? If he couldn't bring himself under control what chance did he have to help Simon?

Outside the wall running around the house the tall man with dark glasses watched with a cruel smile on his face. He hadn't expected the new personality he had implanted in Dan to last long. But it had done its job, Dan's confidence was utterly destroyed. With him neutralised there was no one to save Simon from his inevitable fall. This was too easy, he thought. Then he turned and walked off down the road, his silver cane glinting in the afternoon sun.

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