Body and Soul (part 17)  

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7/20/2006 6:52 am
Body and Soul (part 17)

Dan could do no more than stand rigid with shock, Simon's fingers digging into his shoulders.

Simon's face was one of horror and disbelief, he had just been told by a man who claimed to be the devil himself that his wife was dead and a stranger was inhabiting her body. The whole idea was utterly ridiculous of course. But somehow, the strange Englishman was totally believable. The thing that most convinced him there may be some truth in the madness was his wife's reaction.

She had known who the man was and her denials had been unconvincing. And her behavior the last few days had been odd, as if she wasn't herself. "Who are you!!" He demanded again. "Is it true?"

Dan was torn. Should he deny everything or come clean? "He's lying! He IS the devil, remember."

Dan could see the uncertaincy in Simon's eyes. The Devil had not convinced Simon what he was saying was true. But he had done more than enough to shake the foundations of Simon's world.

The Devil saw the uncertaincy in Simon's' face. One little push should do it. "Changing people's shapes is easy, Simon. I do it every day. Observe." He made a slow gesture at Simon with his hand.

Immediately Simon felt himself shrinking, and his chest growing! He released Simon and pressed his hands to his shirt. There was no mistake, he was now the distressed owner of a large pair of breasts. "How is this possible?" He said and immediately noticed how much higher his voice was.

"I'm just showing you how easy it was to replace your wife. You have gone from a tall muscular man to a teenage bimbo. You are now female in all respects." Simon grabbed at his crotch and confirmed what the tall man was saying. His cock was gone! Replaced by a pussy, he was a woman!

"However, you don't want to be a woman. You want your wife back, mentally as well as physically." Simon felt himself returning to his male self.

Simon backed away from Dan and the the devil. "I need time to think." He mumbled and then he was gone.

Dan watched him flee out of the bar door with a feeling of hopelessness. He had spent the last several days convincing himself that life as Simon's wife wouldn't be so bad, and now Simon was running away from him. He turned back to the tall man still seated at the table. A small dragon seemingly made out of fluid green glass was running around the table. The man reached out and slammed his hand down on top of it spraying broken glass across the table.

He looked up at Dan and smiled, "I win."

Dan could think of nothing to say and turned and stalked out of the bar. He could feel tears welling up in him, but he utterly refused to show any weakness in front of the Devil.

In the car park outside the bar Simon's car was long gone. Dan climbed into his own car and sat staring ahead for several minutes. The feelings of helplessness building in him, until he thumped the steering wheel in frustration and could hold back the tears no longer. It was several minutes before he could gain control of himself. In some ways it was fairly cathartic and he felt a little better.

He checked his face in the mirror and saw the smeared makeup. He cleared up the worst excesses and tried to work out what to do next. Absolutely nothing came to mind. All his plans had been blown completely out of the water.

Dan started the car and pulled out into the street. He needed to talk to someone, he realised. The only person who he could talk to was in a modern church across town.

Samantha was cleaning the pews when Dan entered. "Hi Dan, how's it going?"

"What are you doing?"

"I offered to help after all the trouble the reverend here has gone through in finding a room I can stay in. Anyway, I hate sitting around doing nothing and this place doesn't even have a television."

Dan slumped down in a pew and looked down at his breasts almost pushing their way out the top of his expensive black dress. He had worn it to please Simon, all gone to waste now. "To tell you the truth everything just fell apart." Dan told Samantha of the encounter in the bar.

Samantha put her arm around Dan who was obviously very depressed. "What are you going to do now?"

"I haven't a clue, Samantha. That bastard has taken away the fitness centers and his wife from Simon. He seems confident he has won Simon's soul and I think he's right."

"There must be something you can do. He'll probably go off and drink himself stupid. But he'll come back, you can reassure him them. I'm sure he'll listen to you."

Dan sighed. "But he will never truly trust me again. At the back of his mind will always be the thought that I'm not who I say I am. I'll have to tell him."

Samantha leaned back. "You do that and he'll run a mile. He won't be able to deal with his wife being a man."

A weak laugh escaped from Dan. "I'm not much of a man anymore, I can't believe how much I've fallen for Simon. I like him a lot."

"Have you two... made love? Willingly I mean."

Dan was lost for words and his cheeks felt hot with embarrassment.

Samantha gave a sly smile and whispered in Dan's ear. "You have, haven't you."

"Yeah, okay I have. So what."

"No need to get uptight about it. We're all girls here, you can tell me."

"Well, okay. A couple of times. Why do you want to know?"

"What's it like? Is it very different?"

"You mean you haven't done it... as a woman I mean."

"Nope, the closest I got to doing it was in the back of the police car before you rescued me. Well is it the same?"

Dan struggled to find words to describe it. "It's more of an all over feeling. You climax with your whole body not just your cock." He broke off, blushing again.

They sat in silence for awhile. Both wondering about their futures. Dan trying to think of a way to save Simon and Samantha wondered if she would spend the rest of her life hiding in churches.

"The only thing that will truly comfort Simon would be to talk with his real wife." Dan said suddenly.

"Yeah? One small problem, Dan. She's gone to join the choir invisible. She has ceased to be, She is an ex-wife. In other words she is enjoying a happy afterlife in heaven where we can't reach her."

"There may be a way me and Simon can reach her."

"You can't take a daytrip to Heaven!"

"If I have a guide I will. We have to think of a way to get Jothan here."

"Oh good grief. Try telepathy, maybe he'll hear you." Samantha remarked sarcastically.

Dan closed his eyes and concentrated. Samantha looked on saying, "that was a joke, you know."

Several seconds passed before Dan opened his eyes. "Maybe, but it worked."

Samantha turned to see where Dan was looking and saw the familiar figure of Jothan slowly appear by a pillar. "Dan, Samantha! What is the matter?"

"Jothan," said Dan. "We need your help." He began to outline his idea. "Is it possible to get Simon and Alison to meet?"

"You're unhinged!" Jothan said. "I've already broken too many rules just by coming here."

"But I need your help. Simon will never trust me again, but if I take him to his real wife there's a chance."

"No, I'm sorry. I can't do this. Have you any idea what will happen if my superiors find out."

"We already have." Came a voice from across the church. It was the senior angel who had shown Dan to Alison's body. He smiled at Jothan's aghast face, "Relax, we have known what you have been up to and we approve." He turned to Dan. "If you can bring Simon here willingly we will bring Alison's soul to you."

Hope flared in Dan's chest. The game wasn't over yet.

"You seriously believe this will work?" said Samantha.

"Simon will never relax until he's heard from the real Alison." Dan replied. "Maybe I could keep up the lie that I'm his wife, but there would be enough doubt at the back of his mind to drive a wedge between us."

"And without you Simon has a very small chance of salvation." Added the senior angel. "The Dark One has been bending the laws of non-intervention. We must step in to redress the balance. If we did nothing Lucifer would flout the laws more and more until war broke out again."

"Thank you." Dan said to him. "I better go and prepare for when Simon comes back from his drinking binge."

Outside, the tall man was again was again waiting by the boundary of the church. He watched as Dan walked past him without acknowledging his presence. His longer legs quickly brought him level with Dan. "So, young lady. What are you going to do now?"

Dan answered without looking at the Devil. "I'm going to stop you."

The man laughed out loud. "I salute your determination, but you really don't have a hope in hell."

"Really." Dan reached his car and unlocked it. "We'll see. How about a wager. If Simon decides to stay with me by the end of the week, you'll leave me, Simon and Samantha alone."

The man seemed to stretch over the car until his face was near Dan's. "And if I win you and Samantha are mine. Very well, though I think you'll regret that bet." With that he turned and returned the way he had came.

Dan got hurriedly into the car, he was already regretting his rash deal. If his attempt to win Simon failed it looked like he'd spend the rest of his life stuck in a church with Samantha

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