Body and Soul (part 10)  

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7/18/2006 8:57 am
Body and Soul (part 10)

Simon was an hour late getting back home. He walked carefully through the front door and smiled at his wife. Dan returned a wintry smile of his own, "and where have you been?"

"Car trouble," He replied lamely.

"I see," Dan said. Obviously not believing him. "You must think I'm stupid. I can smell the drink from here."

Simon looked at his wife, she had on a pink silk negligee and a frothy babydoll night-dress underneath, which seemed a little odd since it was barely 9 PM. He had stopped off for one drink before heading home and the next thing he had known it was an hour later.

"Well, never mind. You're here now." Dan held out his hand. "Lets go upstairs."

Simon gave a silent thank you. Alison wasn't bearing a grudge and she wanted to patch things up between them. He relaxed, took his wife's hand and followed her up to bed. The room was softly lit, very romantic thought Simon. He wrapped his arm around his wife's small waist and pulled her to him.

As Simon leant over to kiss Dan he turned his face away and twisted out of his grasp. A small smile flickered across his face as he did so. "Simon, darling. There's something I want you to do for me first?"

What is she up to? "Of course, my sweet. Anything you want."

Dan walked slowly over to the bed and pulled back the duvet. Laid out underneath it was an amazing set of lingerie. Black shear stockings, beneath a tight black basque with red trimming. On the basque was a long blonde wig and some black high heeled shoes.

Simon was astounded, Alison had always balked at wearing this stuff for him before. She had hated dressing up in tarty clothes for him and after a few attempts to persuade her Simon had given up on the idea. But it still remained a fantasy of his.

"What do you think?" asked Dan sweetly.

"Very nice, do you want me to help you put it on?"

"No thanks, these aren't for me. They're for you." Dan watched the words slowly soak into Simon's alcohol addled brain.

Finally, realisation struck and he turned to Dan. "You're not serious." He said quietly.

"Oh yes I am. We had an agreement, didn't we. I wouldn't post those photos of you and in return you'd steer clear of women, drink and gambling. Well, you've been drinking."

"It was only one drink! I'm still sober!"

Dan arched an eyebrow, "really? I'm in a generous mood Simon, so I won't distribute those photos. IF you do as I say. Now strip off and I'll strap you into your basque."

Simon's mouth worked silently for a bit, watching his wife smirking at him. She really had developed a warped sense of humor lately. He had no doubts she would carry out her threats, perhaps he had taken her far too much for granted the last few months. Slowly, hesitantly he started to pull the track suit off.

He's going along with it! The idea had come to Dan a few hours back when he was looking through all the lingerie he had bought with Kate. He had got rather depressed, thinking that this was what he was expected to wear and how lucky Simon was in his male body. He had decided on the night-dress to make it easier to convince Simon. His new body could be stunning if he put his mind to it and he could remember how a sexy woman would reduce him to a slavering fool in his old body.

Dan came out of his thoughts to see Simon remove the last stitch of his clothing. His eyes flicked down the man's body, he was slightly disturbed by feeling no repulsion to Simon's naked form. He picked up the basque from the bed and said "raise your arms." He remembered how snugly it had fitted his body in the shop, it really was going to be tight on Simon.

Simon was in a daze, how had he got into this situation. Dan yanked the basque tight around him and started doing it up. "It's too small," complained Simon.

"Nonsense. Anyway, if it wasn't tight enough it wouldn't mould your body into a more feminine shape."

Soon, the basque was done up and Dan led Simon over to the bed. Simon had a problem reaching down to put his stockings on, so Dan did it for him. As he rolled the stockings up Simon's legs he couldn't help but glance at Simon's crotch. His mind flashed back to when under the devil's hypnotic spell he had had sex with the builder. This was silly, he wasn't under any spell now and whatever gender his body was his mind was still male. Even so, he felt a tension growing in his body.

Dan watched Simon ran his hand down his stocking clad legs. "It feels good doesn't it?" asked Dan.

"It's feels odd." said Simon in a non-committal manner. But Dan could see his cock twitch and grow slightly. Dan was disturbed by his own reactions and pulled out a pair of matching black panties. He helped Simon step into them and he pulled them up over his crotch.

Simon reached behind him and pulled at the panties. "What's up?" asked Dan.

"They're stuck up the crack of my ass. I don't like that."

"They're supposed to, they look awful if you have them all baggy. Anyway you better get used to them, it's the only type of underwear you'll wear from now on." Dan went to his dressing table and picked up some items of make-up.

"I'm not wearing make-up!" Said Simon hotly.

"You are," Dan replied with a hint of menace. "Or people will soon see you in a whole new light."

Dan set to work on Simon's face. After about ten minutes hard work he pulled back to examine his work. He was still far from expert at applying make-up and had put it on too thickly on Simon's face. However it seemed to achieve the effect Dan was after, very sluttish. Dan was in a much better mood now. He had started this as a sort of revenge, but he was enjoying himself now and Simon didn't seem to be resisting nearly as much as Dan had expected.

"Don't look in the mirror yet." He told Simon and grabbed the wig and shoes. The shoes just fitted onto Simon's feet and then Dan arranged the long, curly blonde wig on his head. "Right, come and meet the new you."

Simon looked at his wife, she seemed to be having a great time and her nipples were clearly erect under the sheer fabric of the night-dress. He could barely recognise the person in the mirror, it was clearly a man but the effect of the clothes and the heavy make-up reminded Simon of prostitutes he had seen and frequented.

"Now, you are going to wear panties, stockings and a bra every day from now on, Simone. It should keep out of trouble. You won't be able to fool around with bimbos from now on and getting drunk could cause you to reveal your little secret. And don't think about changing out of them when you get to work, I'll be turning up to check from time to time."

Dan felt his nipples rubbing against the fabric of his night-dress and realised how turned on he was. He stole a glance down at Simon's panty covered cock and saw it was aroused as well. Simon turned around and walked awkwardly towards Dan. He reached Dan and wrapped his arms around her slim waist.

He looked down at her, being even taller than usual due to the high heels. She is really turned on, he thought. Simon considered himself to be fairly open minded, but even he was surprised by the kinky idea his wife had come up with. Surprised, but very aroused. He was at an intensity that he hadn't reached with his wife in the better part of a year. He could see from the flushed face of his wife that she was feeling exactly the same way.

Dan's mind was whirling, why was he so turned on? He wasn't under any spell and he wasn't gay. But his body was reacting as any woman's does and he was slowly being drawn towards Simon's.

Simon held one of Dan's hands and guided it to his bulging crotch. Dan could easily feel Simon's raging hardness straining the flimsy fabric of the panties. Dan's hand dived inside the panties and eased Simon's cock free. He was lost again, and he couldn't blame it on any outside influence this time. All the lust and burning desire was coming from inside him.

Simon bent down and kissed Dan passionately. Dan found himself surrendering to his strong caresses, the taste of his lipstick mingled erotically with his musky male scent. Dan reached around him and pulled him closer, his penis pressing into Dan's stomach. Simon's strong hands lifted up the short skirt of Dan's babydoll night-dress and massaged his rounded ass through Dan's silky panties. Dan could feel an aching need growing inside of him, the desire to be possessed and entered by Simon.

Slowly, Simon pulled down Dan's panties exposing his excited pussy. Dan couldn't stop Simon and by now didn't want him to. His breasts were squashed against Simon's chest and he was enclosed in his strong arms. Dan's hands were frantically grabbing Simon's tight muscular ass and back. He stopped kissing Simon long enough to whisper in his ear, "I want you in me, now!"

Simon gripped Dan even tighter in his embrace. Somehow, Dan knew instinctively what to do next and lifted his legs off the ground, wrapping them around Simon's waist. Simon turned and gently laid Dan down on the bed, before climbing on top of him. The last part of Dan's resistance screamed at him to get out of there, you're a man, not a woman! Dan swept the thought away, here he was on his back and a strong man between his thighs. He could feel his aroused pussy needing Simon's hard length to make it complete. Of course he was a woman.

Simon pulled off his panties and raised Dan's night-dress. Dan reached down and grabbed hold of Simon's twitching hardness. He pulled the foreskin back and forth a couple of times watching Simon's red face. Then he ended the torment and guided Simon's cock to the entrance of his vagina, already slick from his juices.

In one smooth movement Simon slid full length into Dan. Dan couldn't help but gasp at the sensation of something immense filling him up. He half expected the tip of Simon's cock to reach his throat it felt so big. Simon lowered himself down on to Dan and he was surprised not only at how heavy he was but at how good it felt. Very slowly Simon started to withdraw from Dan and then with increasing speed he stroked back into him. As the delicious friction started to build it was all Dan could do to remember to breathe. He gave a guttural wanton gasp at each thrust of Simon's beautiful cock into him, and was matched by deep moans coming from his lover. He felt one of Simon's hands grip and fondle his breasts. The fabric of his night-dress rubbing across his excited nipples as Simon expertly played his body.

He felt his orgasm build and build to an almost unbearable level before it crashed down over him. Dan wrapped his arms and legs around Simon and held on for dear life. This was a far more intense experience than the ones he'd had with the builder and with Samantha. The afterglow of the orgasm seemed to last for ever and Dan felt utterly spent, but Simon wasn't finished yet. He slowed down the rate of his pumping but didn't stop. With his hand he lightly caressed Dan's heaving breasts, he leaned over and kissed Dan on the cheek. Dan opened his eyes and looked into the face of the man who was bringing him to the undreamed of heights of passion.

With that they were off again. Simon was rougher now, more urgent. His own body demanding the release of an orgasm. Dan surrendered totally to Simon, at that moment he could think of nothing else. No future, no past. Just the present, there with Simon locked together in ecstasy.

Dan felt himself building to another orgasm and he knew Simon wasn't far from release. Part of him never wanted this to end, he wrapped his arms around Simon's torso and dug his long fingernails into the tight fabric of the basque.

"I'm coming, baby!" Simon said in a strangled shout and Dan felt his body tense as he started to shoot his cum up to Dan's womb. The thought of Simon's seed deep within him sent him to his second orgasm, which was even more violent than before. Fireworks seemed to explode behind Dan's eyes.

They collapsed in each others arms panting with the exertion of their lovemaking. As they gently kissed and caressed each other afterwoulds Simon whispered in Dan's ear. "That was fantastic, I don't think we've ever made love so passionately before."

"You're mine Simon, I'm not about to let you go." At the back of his mind a part of him was revolted at the act he had just committed. This time no one had forced him, he had willingly made love to another man. He consciously decided not to think about it now, he knew he would regret it tomorrow. But for now he just basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

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