Is this 'Erotic' or considered sexy ? ?  

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11/30/2005 6:27 am

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Is this 'Erotic' or considered sexy ? ?

You come over for dinner. I have already set the stage for your seduction. The lights are low, soft music plays in the background, a table is set in front of the fireplace and I have prepared all of your favorite dishes. I greet you at the door in the sexiest, slinkiest, little black dress; it hugs my body like a lovers caress. I devour your mouth with a long passionate kiss, that leaves us both breathless. I seductively lick my lips, savoring your essence, while my eyes convey the promise, ‘the kiss’ is only a prelude of what the evening holds.
We have at least half an hour before dinner will be done. I take your hand, lead you to your favorite chair, pour you a glass of wine, step behind you and start to massage your temples. Slowly, I caress your temples; with a soft, feathery circular motion. You moan, a deep satisfied sound in your throat; I bend over and ‘breathe into your ear’ as I ask you ‘does that feel good! Your response is an affirmative ‘nod’ of your head, stretching of your shoulders and a rotation of your neck. I respond with a ‘breathy’ I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself; followed by a light run of my tongue around the edge of your ear and breathy sigh.
You do not, seem to, understand: that just your voice, your scent, touching you, caressing you, hearing your “purr” ‘of satisfaction and contentment’ drives me wild. God, I am so looking forward to this night....

---to be continued

***I took this picture in "Amsterdam" ***

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