Happy Easter...  

ohsodelicious 57F
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4/15/2006 10:17 am

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4/18/2006 11:29 am

Happy Easter...

The sky is full of bunny clouds
So soft and fat and white,
I wonder if they're hiding eggs
For stars to find at night.

Because it's Easter Eve, you know,
And there's no reason why
There shouldn't be an Easter hunt
In meadows in the sky.

The tulips in the garden
Are wearing yellow hats;
The pussy willows by the brook
Have fur like any cats'.
The bee is honey hunting;
The robin's chirp is gay;
And all the world is singing,

"Oh, Happy Easter Day!"

Happy Easter to all you OhSowonderful friends!!Don't eat to many chocolate bunnies...you know what they say about chocolate...

expatbrit49 62M

4/15/2006 10:47 am

roflmao, awesome picture, too funny

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

ohsodelicious replies on 4/16/2006 4:52 pm:
Expat...Glad you liked the picture...I'm sure those are the kind of 'bunnies' most guys would prefer Thanks for checking out my blog



4/15/2006 11:04 am

Happy Easter and btw regarding chocolate!!!!!!!! SAVE the EARTH is what I say, it is the only planet with me, you, and chocolate in it! {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

ohsodelicious replies on 4/16/2006 4:55 pm:
MO...You got that right and what a MOwonderful place it is;} Happy Easter M


reverend21 49M
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4/15/2006 4:21 pm

and to my friend, btw, don't need the chocolate for that

ohsodelicious replies on 4/16/2006 4:58 pm:
rev...some of us poor souls only have our chocolate dreams/fix

mournful shake of head...OhSo{=}

RockPebble 69M
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4/15/2006 4:50 pm

Thank you and a happy Easter to you too.

ohsodelicious replies on 4/16/2006 5:01 pm:
Rock{=} Right back at ya Have a Happy Day


HBowt2 58F

4/17/2006 9:15 am

happy easter to you too luv......leaving the bunnies alone and just eating the chocolate....HB2xx

ohsodelicious replies on 4/18/2006 11:31 am:
HB...Yep! We know the bunnies don't last long...but you can savor the chocolate


rm_ohsolustful 57M
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4/18/2006 6:47 am

Happy Easter to you too. I am hoping for something OHSOdelicious to eat in my Easter basket,,,, and it aint chocolate at all But I am sure it's awfully sweet.....................Hope I get my wish!!!!!! wink wink wink

ohsodelicious replies on 4/18/2006 11:33 am:
OhSoL Now you know that is an awfully long way for the Bunny to Hop


TTigerAtty 62M

4/18/2006 9:41 am

Great pic, OhSo! I didn't see any bunnies like that on Easter! Can those bunnies "twitch" their noses? Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

ohsodelicious replies on 4/18/2006 11:38 am:
Tig{=} I think these bunnies noses just seem to 'perk' up a bit

Big cheeseey grin...OhSo{=}

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