An excerpt...  

ohsodelicious 57F
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9/30/2005 5:35 pm

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An excerpt...

Sorry...I was being mean spirited...when I posted the original...

-- she was so HOT (long, thick mane of hair hanging to her ass, pretty face, big blue eyes, and a body to die for), I wish I could turn back time!

melliot888 64M
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10/26/2005 12:42 pm

Hey, I thnk your pictures are great. You are more than a little exhibitionistic. You look yummy!

"When he told me he was bringing me to his house to meet his wife, me wearing a more than sluttishly hot get up, I told him no way. But he kept driving. I was afraid of being insulted or scorned by a jealous wife. What was he thinking? He kept going. By the time we arrived I decided to make the best of what I was sure was bad judgement.

His wife acted as if she didn't notice my come on outfit and just said she enjoyed meeting her man's new friends. I figured, if she can overlook it then I can too, as she sat on a tall stool across the room and we sat on a love seat. She asked me to stand so she could see my 'interesting outfit'. After I turned, but before I could sit down I felt his hand slide up inside my leg while he was still seated. I froze as it slid higher - toughing my panties and began rubbing my lips lightly. She sat motionless watching, and I could not move. Her eys were slightly closed and her mouth opened with her slick lower lip relaxed, showing her tongue slowly working against the back of her teeth in nervous anticipation. As his fingers slid inside my panties and spread my slickness up to my clit and back near my ass I realized my hips were moving slightly to maximize the contact. She just kept watching and began to breathe audibly. My face dropped slightly and I looked up from lowered eyelids, my jaw dropping open as he slid two fingers straight up my vagina, and I bent my knees to lower myself further to open up and be penetrated as deeply as possible. I could hear my juices as he finger fucked me in front of his silent and rapt wife. It was unbelievable that I now wanted to be, and was, the total slut for them.

I realized I was now talking to her in a low voice. "He's got his fingers in my cunt," and she replied with an almost inaudible "uh huh,". "Now he's spreading my juices on my ass,", to which there was a small groan from her. "Do you know what he's going to do?", .... "uh huh". Her breathing was fast and ragged as he slowly pushed his thumb in my slick ass, me groaining with pleasure, while continuing to finger fuck my cunt. "He's got it in my ass!" I yelled. I stripped off my shift so she could see between my spread legs as I leaned forward, arched my back and pushed my ass down on his pumping fingers. melliot888 at hot male. As she rubbed both hands on herself I heard her say in a low deliberate voice, like a mantra, "Fuck her. I want to see you fuck her!" as i rolled into a a powerful orgasm that filled my head with cotten and I became disoriented with the power of need that blotted out everything else but her voice.

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