Just A Reality !!! Peyronie's Disease Part 3 of 3  

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Just A Reality !!! Peyronie's Disease Part 3 of 3

Risk factors
Peyronie's disease is a relatively uncommon disorder. The following factors may increase your risk:

Age. Aging may diminish penile elasticity, increasing the chance of injury and the development of Peyronie's disease.

Heredity. Heredity may be an important factor in determining who acquires Peyronie's disease, although it's not the only factor.
Other conditions involving hardened tissues. Some men with Peyronie's disease experience hardened tissues in other areas of the body, such as the hands or the feet. A condition known as Dupuytren's contracture, which is a cord-like thickening across the palm that causes the fingers to pull inward, also may be associated with Peyronie's disease.
I did have an oil gland cyst removed from the palm of my hand but i don't think it was related in any way. My friend from Michigan called it my "Speedbump"

When to seek medical advice :
See your doctor if you're unable to have intercourse without bothersome pain or difficulty due to a bend or curve in your penis during erection. Treatment for Peyronie's disease often consists of methods that will help you remain sexually active. Early education about the disease and its course can help you manage its symptoms effectively.
I was able to muti-purpose my visit as i was already seeing urologist because my Father passed away from Prostate Cancer. My Urologist is also a personal friend. Even with him being a friend it was very difficult bringing up the problem because at that time i didn't know i had Peyronie's but was experincing the pain during an erection.

Screening and diagnosis :
Doctors diagnose Peyronie's disease by a physical examination. Hard plaque can be felt in your penis with or without an erection. It may be necessary to inject medication into your penis to induce an erection for proper evaluation. Ultrasound of the penis also may reveal fibrous tissue in the penis.
This test was performed. Squeezing the plaque did hurt at that time and still does but at a much lessor pain level. The injection they gave me gave me an erection that last for over 4 hours and i was unable to return to work. Guess what i did? Oh yeah!!!!

Complications :
Peyronie's disease can make intercourse painful, difficult or even impossible. Emotional distress can put a strain on your marriage or relationship and make attempts at sexual activity with your partner stressful and frustrating.
In the beginning , intercourse was extremely painful. It felt almost like a cross between a paper cut and being pinched with vise-grips, and no i have not done that. Emotional distress was definately present but my marriage was already strained. After the fact i guess i'm glad things were they way they were.

Because the course of Peyronie's disease differs from man to man and some men experience improvement without treatment, doctors often initially recommend a wait-and-see approach. Your doctor may suggest monitoring the progression of the disease for nine to 12 months by assessing plaque formation, penile curvature and erectile function before attempting treatment. Some treatments – nonsurgical and surgical – can increase a man's risk of ED.

Nonsurgical methods :
Vitamin E. Researchers have reported improvements in Peyronie's disease when vitamin E is taken orally, yet the effectiveness of vitamin E therapy has yet to be proved in controlled studies. Similar research exists on potassium aminobenzoate (Potaba), a vitamin B-complex. The benefit of potassium aminobenzoate also remains unproved. It was recommended by my Urologist to take Vitamin E and he told me i needed to take it for the rest of my life so i do.

Intralesional injections. Your doctor can inject drugs such as collagenase or calcium channel blockers, such as verapamil, directly into the plaque. These drugs are intended to break down scar tissue deposits and return the tissue-building process to normal. You'll receive multiple injections over a period of up to three months. The success of intralesional injections varies. Intralesional injection of steroids, such as cortisone, has caused harmful side effects to healthy penile tissues. My urologist didn't feel this was best choice for my particular case.

Surgery :
If other methods of treatment don't help and your penis is still curved or bent when erect, surgery may be an option. Doctors usually suggest surgery when unacceptable appearance, pain during intercourse and poor erection quality persist for one to two years or longer. Surgery is generally effective at restoring normal erections, although each surgical method can cause unwelcome side effects such as partial loss of erection or shortening of an erect penis.This option was going to be a choice and my Urologist even got it approved for doing. Guess who objected? Yep you got it. The non-compassionate wife.

Common surgical methods include:
Plaque excision. The plaque is removed and replaced with a patch of skin from the pubic area. Urologist at this time didn't feel it was good for my case.
Nesbit application. Tissue on the opposite side of the penis is removed or pinched, canceling the bending effect.
Plaque incision with saphenous vein graft. Several linear cuts are made in the plaque, which allows straightening. The cut plaque is then covered with a grafted vein. This was also an option but after thinking things over i and i alone decided that was something i could do later.
Penile prosthesis. An implanted device is used to straighten and increase the rigidity of the penis.
My Urologist was very suggestive of this but the negatives were Cost of Surgery $19,000.00 and length of time (5 Years)it was good for, without surgery again. In my eyes not very cost effective.

Prevention :
There's no known prevention for Peyronie's disease. It's possible that the problem may begin with trauma to the penis from being hit or bent abnormally when erect or during sexual intercourse. Avoiding injury to your penis when erect may prevent the development of Peyronie's disease. However, trauma to the penis doesn't explain all cases of the disorder. As i briefly touched base on this earlier , excess use of heartburn medicine, combined with smoking was the likely cause of mine. I reduced my heartburn drastically cutting my intake of fried foods.

Coping skills :
Peyronie's disease can become a source of mental and emotional stress for you and your partner. Having the disease shouldn't be seen as a reflection of your health, virility or masculinity. This is a very difficult emotional stress to deal with and even I at times struggle deeply with it.If you have Peyronie's disease that has progressed to include erectile dysfunction, remember that your partner may see your inability to have intercourse as a sign of diminished sexual desire.My case is not considered at this point an Erectile Dysfunction. Your reassurance that this isn't the case can help your relationship.
To effectively manage and treat Peyronie's disease, strengthen your relationship with your partner. Try to communicate openly and honestly about your condition. While married, Communication was horrible, not one time did she ever offer to go with me to the Doctor either. As a couple, you may want to seek counseling to confront concerns you have about Peyronie's disease and to learn how to deal with your feelings. I didn't feel the necessity to seek Counseling but thought and felt the now, EX, should of for more than one reason.When you maintain open communication as a couple and work together as a team, treatment often is more successful.As a member of AdultFriendFinder I have for the most part shared this knowledge before or after playing and not one person was unsupportive. I guess i expected the worse and was humbled by the reaction i got. If i failed to make you aware of the situation either before or after, it was purely accidental you were not told.

In closing, as i said at the beginning, if one person benefits from me sharing this i will be extremely happy to know i shared this. If you have any signs of this plaese seek Medical attention.
I am blessed beyond words to know and have A loving, understanding, compassionate mate in Naughtyblonde78Naughtyblonde78 and our Communication has, and will be a mainstay in the strength of our relationship. I Love You Sweetheart!!!

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    Hopefully more will open up and share this that have this problem..or be able to recognize it now..thanks...good job
I am truly honored by your compliment MzHuny. Thank-you

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