Youth wasted on the young?  

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10/7/2005 9:50 am

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Youth wasted on the young?

As I sit here waiting for traffic to lighten up before heading out for a long weekend, I am browsing some of the blogs postings of some of the folks I have come to know since joining this merry band several years ago. I have gotten to know some of them quite well, through enotes, phone calls, face to faces, discussion groups, ect., ect.. But even some of those communications don't always portray the range of emotions, life views and experiences we have all gone through to be the folks we have become.

I have heard the expression I used in the title for a good portion of my life and pretty much always pooh poohed it. I really didn't think that much of what went on in our lives was going to change that significantly based on prior happenings. I always thought that we are who we are and a lot of what we do in interpersonal relationships is impulsive or repetitive and not the output of reflective or analytical thinking. Well seveal folks who I have become close to here are in the process of significant life changes. And in all of these situations, for better or worse, there seems to be a significant amount of introspective thinking go on to be sure that the future is not going to be a repeat of the past.

Good for them. I hope that these changes do in fact help them enjoy themselves and make things better. That experience can in fact be a good teacher. That they hold true to their new found resolve and don't fall into the historical trap. They are creating environments that will foster experimentation of new jobs, friends and activities. Good for them. I hope that they are successful. And to feed my curiosity, I hope that they will keep us imformed of their progress (or lack there of) so that we can be supportive or helpful.

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11/25/2006 11:38 pm

Hey ohboy48,

You're the only post or person i've contacted on this site. I did respond to another post I saw of yours. I like your writing or the fact that you write to express your feelings and thoughts for others to relate to or understand....I believe that is how we can stay alive forever.....putting ourselves on paper....per say. I like how you "think" or just the fact that you do....not many people bother to think about things. I'll have to read more of your postings and try to get to see how you feel and think about things. I just wanted to tell you I was here and read your thoughts...."etc"...Hope your friends stay in contact with you and let you know how they are doing.....I believe you get to know people pretty well writing to them...probably more than face to face....being of course if you and they are being honest and true when writing. Well just thought i'd share MY thoughts....All the best...Jensspot

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4/6/2007 10:27 am

My dear Gianna, feel free to comment any time. That is why these posts are here. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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