how the scam works  

oglinda26 37F
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3/6/2006 1:20 pm

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5/8/2011 6:34 am

how the scam works

There are more liars, cheaters, scammers and thieves online today than ever in the history of the internet.
It seems that the women there find it to be very appealing to lie, cheat and scam anyone they possibly can.
In fact men and women are working in a group.
The man write messages using girls identities and girls picked up the money transfers in the bank. Scheme of scam is as always very simple correspondence like messages, phonecalls for some time and after mutual agreement to meet a request to help with insurance and airfare, quick disappearance after cash receive.

Take care of you guys!

Never send money or a ticket to somebody you donĀ“t know in person!

_Swytch 53M
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3/12/2006 11:30 pm

This is great advice, and a very appropriate warning. Thanks for spreading the word!

supermanprime1 51M
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3/26/2006 6:43 am

Yeah I was being scammed by a person who said she was from russia. I was suspicious from the get go and I did research on the person. i said to send me a copy of her passport which she said she had just gotten. I ran that through the russian passport beaureu and they confirmed it was a scam and that they no longer used that type of passport. I got the final laugh. Her name was vera and she was turned in by me.

rm_erotic_loki 54M

9/30/2006 7:30 pm

you get same sort of scam from nigerians.
It's all money laundry and mafia linked.

The girls often are in call centres in India believe it or not.
But the accounts are either in nigeria or Romania based on the story line.
The Russians write long lengthy storys mixing in chernobyl or sybria..
nigerians have sick mother or father one of their parent are from your country and they went back to africa to nurse their parent..

The common thing is asking for money 'hep' for flights...
But like you say never send or trust people you haven't met.
If it sounds too good to be true it is..
Go to Thailand/Philipines on holiday and find a Thai wife via an agency instead.
Or take holidays in Romania/Lithunaia.. There is suposed to be nearly 2:1 women:men in places.

PS? What are you looking for oglinda?

rm_troy19651 51M
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11/12/2006 12:37 pm

Well i have been to Romania twice....last time was in july of this year. I accually have good friends there (prieten meaning friend). You must becareful with sites like this. i've lost money also.. Once to a guy from bucharest posing as a girl from constanta. DO NOT SEND money FOR NO REASON. it is a poor country and yes i have seen the gypsies sleeping in the streets... ONE THING I HAVE NOTICED ON THIS SITE IS THE TOWN OF GALATI... WHICH IS A VERY SMALL TOWN. BUCHAREST IS 5 MILLION PLUS FOR EXAMPLE. THE TOWN OF GALATI ISNT EVEN OVER A MILLION AND YOU WILL SEE MANY FROM THAT VERY SMALL TOWN ON THIS SITE SO BE AWARE OF SOMEONE FROM THERE OK if a woman wants to meet you, the last thing she wants is money from you. I do compare pics for model site that are use frequently on here. One is a model from brazil that is used in literaly thousands of profiles here and other sites. Her fame is her butt in white pants...and i'm sure many of you have seen it... I forgot her name but i did find her on a search once..should have written her name down oops. In romania alone on here she's on about 10 profiles so BE AWARE...... MAKE SURE YOU GET TO KNOW HER BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BUY THAT TICKET TO SEE HER OK. TRUST ME MOST GIRLS FROM ROMANIA ARE EITHER MARRIED OR HAVE A BOYFRIEND....THAT TRIP IN JULY OUT OF 11 GIRLS THAT I MET SOME BEING FRIENDS, ONLY 4 WERE ACCUALLY SINGLE......YES ONLY 4 OUT OF 11. THAT IS NOT INCLUDING THE GIRLS WHO I CALLED AND THEY TOLD ME THEY HAD BF'S. SO DONT BE SURPRISED OK...DONT SEND ONE PENNY TO ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE. I even have friends who just happen to there pics on this site that they didnt even know where on here so. cu placere (means your welcome in romanian)

grim3399 55M
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12/16/2006 5:43 am

Someone who is honest and upfront is very nice to see. I have found that a lot of the internet dating scene is a scam, but every once ina while I find a real person. My family was originally from romania, which is not an influence on my like for the ladies from that area. I just like eastern european ladies, can't help it. Thanks for all the great advice.

rm_erotic_loki 54M

12/31/2006 7:47 pm

hi troy lookd at your blog, you didn't fill it out after your trip.

Would be an idea to write about your s'experiences or not over there.
Write about decent places to visit, do and don'ts etc.

And what your views are on romanian women..

Know any romanian sites I can post ad for an au pair?

Christian33cy 44M
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11/17/2008 12:41 pm

thanks for the advice. Will take great care...

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