Nice to be back...  

offbeatdrummer 40M
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5/21/2006 7:07 pm
Nice to be back...

Well, I was a member here last year, and already got back in touch with some old mates, so should be some laughs ahead even if there's not much success in convincing the women of AdultFriendFinder to fall for my abundant charms.

Still a couple of thoughts from my last visit -

I hope there are a few more open minded people here than before. A lot of people seemed to feel that I was bad and a 'cheater' because my wife and I have an open poly relationship, and don't seem to get that there is no sneaking around, no jealousy, in other words no hassle or friction caused by our primary relationship. It would be nice if I can attract someone who gets it and isn't put off by the 'married' tag.

The other thought is how the heck am I supposed to find out if someone is my type without being able to view profiles? *bangs head on desk* Random winking doesn't seem to cut it. So, I'll have to get active in the groups, and eventually upgrade again I guess. Meh, I'm only whinging cos I'm nosey.

So on with the show... I'll have to get some batteries in the camera, I've had some amusing ideas for pics, but you'll have to wait and see...


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