will I...or will I not?  

ocias 47M
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10/27/2005 5:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

will I...or will I not?

right...so the weekend's coming and my loins are loaded!

will i get some action this week or will i not, that's the question. it's getting rather difficult to focus on work when the mind keeps wondering and the body is in tense discomfort. sure, me and mrs. palm can help in releasing this tension, but mrs. palm can't beat ms. kitty.

let's see if the buddy can accomodate my needs. hmmm...one buddy is defnitely not good enough. better pull out my little black book. yeah right.....since when have i ever had a little black book and damn it's a little late in life to build one.


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