the start  

obinnes 38M
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8/15/2006 11:05 am
the start

dont know what im meant to do here so thought i'd start off with a description of myself, no point telling you what i look like you can see the photos posted and make up your own mind.(i have other photos on request) im quite a shy guy around new company, but given the opertunity i soon open up. i suppose i'm an indecisive person which makes me unpredictable at times. romanticaly tend to go for the occaional over the top gesture rather than the frequent small gestures. i'm very much a take it or leave it makes no odds to me type of guy, i belive everyone is different, so therefore everyone is entitled to there own opinion, i look at everything or try to anyway with a positive attitude. (just re-read it there- very clinical but first attempt so sod it its staying)
im not a very confident person, and i have to be the biggest coward on here i hate confrontations of any sort, i was told once that i have an aggresive look and sound but thats about as close to a hard man as i get im affraid. shout at me and i'll run away and hide, ok ok maybe not that bad.
i work as a field service engineer (basic terms- mechanic)lol. i repair cranes so its quite a time consuming, dirty, physical job, i work up a sweat most days which saves me from going to the gym. but it has its downfalls it has given me the- a bit rough round the edges look and sound but i can be polite and presentable when required to be, i work alot of hours all over scotland and even into england and wales sometimes,hence why im on here... oh and because my friends are married so i dont get out much to meet anybody new.
thats enough for now i'll add more later thanks for taking the time to look.

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